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Valerie Scarsellato

Valerie has nearly fifteen years in the recruiting industry as a Technical Sourcer/Recruiter (full life cycle). She’s worked in both the agency and Fortune 500 corporate recruiting environments. In 2008, her journey with Intel Corporation began where she had been a Senior Recruiter, until May 2011 when she began a new role as a Segment Marketing Specialist in the Embedded and Communications Group. It seems her years of experience hunting for the best technical talent gave her keen awareness of what captures their interest and how best to market to them. The birth of Social Media and its evolution has played a significant role in her experience and success and she continues to keep a keen eye on the recruiting world. Once a recruiter, always a recruiter!

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Social Media

Searching Social Media Requires Outside-of-the-Box Thinking

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Non-Standard Descriptors and the Role They Play in Social Media

Sourcing has always been a significant component in the recruiting lifecycle. However, in recent years, sourcing has taken a giant step into the forefront and has become recognized as the solid foundation upon which successful recruiting rests in order to identify and secure top-level talent, no matter what industry you may be supporting.

These days, it seems as if nearly everyone from CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, to inventors in various fields, to the grandmother of your best friend has a Facebook page, a LinkedIn profile, or a Twitter account.

Although some people are still discovering and testing the waters of the Twitterverse, a diverse and large population spanning nearly all industry segments has already fully jumped on to the real-time messaging bandwagon in order to share information or blurt out a piece of nonsense rolling around in their head.