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The Anatomy Of A Tweet: Six Tips To Getting Twitter Right



If you’re active on Twitter, you’ve probably taken the time to research and follow influential individuals and dedicate part of your day to tweeting and other social media participation. And, if you’ve done all this, then you know the harsh reality: Given the virtual fire hose of information flooding the social media landscape every second, getting seen and getting shared is challenging, even when you post interesting information. But is it haphazard luck?

Researchers at UCLA and HP Labs don’t think so – and they say they’ve created an algorithm that can predict a tweet’s popularity with 84 percent accuracy. Want to make your tweets more effective?  Here are a few tips to help you get noticed.

Social Media

Four Social Media Recruitment Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

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When today’s job candidate seeks a new opportunity or simply surveys the employment landscape, they use search engines, social networks and personal connections to find the best places to work. Many candidates start the process on a search engine, and as we have seen, search engines are the gateway to social media since they index social mentions.

Organizations have responded by establishing a presence on some or all of the major social platforms. To get the full value from their social media efforts, companies need a strategic approach and an understanding of where to focus their efforts.

Are you prepared to succeed and stand out from the competition with your social strategy? Below is a list of the common mistakes companies make on social platforms. Ask yourself if you’re making any of these critical errors. If the answer is yes, it’s time to rethink your digital strategy.