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Diversity Recruiting Requires Close Cooperation Between Employer and Sourcing

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Larry A. Green

Many organizations do a good job of diversity recruiting at the college and mid-management level, but often fall short when it comes to the senior management ranks. It is well-recognized that having women and people of color in the top spots will assist in your overall diversity sourcing efforts as well as in retention of diverse mid-managers and entry-level employees.

Dedication to attracting talented women and people of color who often are underrepresented at the senior management and board levels of many organizations has now become a priority.

Traditional sourcing methods used by internal recruiting departments, such as posting jobs and identifying individuals in similar positions may not yield the desired results when attempting to build an inclusive workforce. Thus, hiring organizations often turn to search firms, insisting on an inclusive candidate slate, but often are disappointed with the results.

The Sourcing Function

Birds Of A Feather

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There was a discussion over on one of the LinkedIn recruiting groups about “where do I find senior/executive level candidates other than CareerBuilder, Monster, Ladders and LinkedIn? ”

There were a lot of replies that listed specific databases or job boards: IvyExec and 6figurejobs, jobvertise, and (and of course my favorite outsourcer proponent for $1.50/name resume farmers overseas). But one senior recruiter half-jokingly said, “the telephone”?

The person asking the question jumped in and assured everyone that she knows how to use the phone, but that she is looking for ways to find candidates. She’s been an agency and professional services recruiter for a few years so isn’t completely green, but her lack of basic fundamental sourcing strategies puzzled me. If you are looking for senior/executive management, they aren’t going to be posting their resumes on CareerBuilder or IvyExec. They will be networking their way into new positions. And they will be niched by industry at that point in their careers; a Product Director of a medical software billing company isn’t going to be hanging out in the same professional spaces as the CEO of an aerodynamics manufacturing company.

The Sourcing Function

Do Your Own Job: I’m Not Your Researcher, Sourcer or Contact Database



Quite frequently I get contacted by people searching for something or someone. Normally, I don’t mind that.

Actually sometimes it is flattering that a random stranger or casual acquaintance found something about me intriguing enough to think I’d be a good person to contact to get help with their situation.

In posting this I realize I may ruffle some feathers and raise some eyebrows. My intent is not to come across as someone unwilling to lend a hand or offer assistance. The opposite is probably more my problem.