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Gigwalk — A new Mobile Workforce App

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Companies want to get third party information on their customer service, get local pricing information, map buildings and cities, and conduct various other market research projects. So, what better way to do this than to enlist the very individuals who live near and patronize their businesses and communities?

Gigwalk takes “secret shopping” mobile and has created an app (only available on the iPhone right now) to help connect companies with individuals who want to make an extra buck. “Gigwalkers” get paid to collect, capture, and report real-world data while going about their everyday activities. Currently, its clients range from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses across industries, including mapping, real-estate, local, travel, government, consumer research, and retail.

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LinkedIn Hack: TextIn

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Back in mid-April, an interesting “hack” was revealed on LinkedIn, created by Sudeep Yegnashankaran, a software engineer on the LinkedIn Mobile team. The hack is called TextIn, a prototype that brings LinkedIn features to users of feature phones through simple text messaging. According to the LinkedIn blog, around 80% of mobile phones sold worldwide are feature phones, which means that not everyone can use LinkedIn’s iPhone or Android applications. TextIn is the answer for all those who have phones that do not support the LinkedIn apps.

Even though I own an iPhone 4 myself, I decided to try this out and see how it works. 

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Mobile: The Next Recruiting Revolution for 2011



Our world of sourcing/researching/recruiting is much more complicated these days than it used to be. As staffing consultants, you can’t just post an opportunity on job boards and wait for candidates to come – although some “old-schoolers” still do! (you know who you are) As technologies (Internet and mobile) are taking off, we in the staffing industry really need accept how recruiting is quite similar to a marketing campaign. Social media has forced us to think outside of our comfort areas and to go to the talent instead of them coming to us. These tools have really revolutionized the way we recruit and have helped us leverage engagement and community messaging in order to reach active and passive diverse talent.

Our recruiting strategies won’t be as straightforward as before. Whether or not you want to accept it, our industry is changing.

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Bullhorn UK Gets Mobile

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Bullhorn UK announced earlier this week a new application called SMS for Bullhorn, created by Dialogue Communications, a specialist in mobile messaging and mobile billing solutions. The solution allows UK users of Bullhorn’s recruitment software to communicate with candidates quickly and easily via text message to give jobseekers fast access to new employment opportunities. As a Bullhorn Alliance Partner, Dialogue will be the key mobile texting provider for the world-leading software.

SMS for Bullhorn enables recruiters to send text messages to individual candidates or via a broadcast facility to thousands of recipients simultaneously. Candidates can reply and all inbound and outbound messages are stored in the Bullhorn system. This allows recruiters to be in contact with candidates who do not have permanent access to email so they can gauge interest in new opportunities and receive quick responses for even faster placements.

“This development with Bullhorn has been an exciting opportunity to demonstrate our ability to work across continents. It’s a world-class solution delivered to a vertical market with a specific requirement for SMS technology”, said Dialogue Group CEO Hugh Spear. ”Providing plug-in SMS extensions to market-leading applications is at the very core of what Dialogue is about, and this new solution for Bullhorn integrates directly into the existing product. This means users can send and receive SMS messages seamlessly within Bullhorn. The development is part of Dialogue’s goal of providing SMS plug-ins to cloud computing solutions in key vertical markets.”

“From the moment a recruiter logs in to their Bullhorn account, they need immediate access to all the tools that enable them to make lasting placements quickly. Mobile communication is key to keeping candidates informed of developments or new opportunities that might be of interest. We are therefore delighted to welcome Dialogue as an Alliance Partner and be the first to offer this exciting new SMS for Bullhorn application”, commented Peter Linas, Bullhorn’s UK Managing Director.

Dialogue’s SMS for Bullhorn app is available through the Bullhorn Marketplace, the broadest cloud-based application and services marketplace available to the recruitment industry. The Marketplace provides leading solutions that are tightly integrated with Bullhorn, and offer organizations the ability to choose from a range of technology resources to help them meet their unique business needs.

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New Job Board FoneGigs Targets Mobile Professionals

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Another new job board… ‘Not again!’ I’m sure you’re thinking. But this one might be worth checking out…

Just two weeks ago, a new company called FoneGigs was quietly launched by Eric Melchor. FoneGigs is described as “an online social community and job board that focuses on the Mobile Marketing Industry.” FoneGigs reaches active job seekers via SMS, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and There are other job boards that currently engage job seekers through these media, but one of the differences with FoneGigs lays with the man who started the company.

Eric’s not what you’d consider a ‘traditional’ job board founder; he comes from an online marketing background, having worked with agencies in New York and having also worked in Bucharest on a client initiative over the last year.  Melchor started off by blogging about mobile marketing and sharing his directories of various mobile service companies, including mobile search engines, in-game ad companies, and mobile analytics. His plan through the blog and the directories was to build a solid base of interest before launching the job site, which was an end goal of his from the beginning.

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How to Source on the Run

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There is no shortage of ways to source effectively outside the confines of an office cubicle. Whether you have a smart phone such as an iPhone or Blackberry, or use a laptop or netbook, there are countless sites, networks and tools to tap into for sourcing. By now, nearly every sourcer on the planet is either a member or active user of social sites, knows what RSS is and how to use it, understands bookmarking and tagging, and lives in the Blogosphere. If you’re by chance still caught in the stone age using only job boards and your career website, the following may seem “advanced.” Let’s explore a few areas you should consider for sourcing while on the move:

Use Search Sites and Tools
Google is a must have regardless of your mobile device. They’re the undisputed king of search, but also offer a wide range of other products you can access on the go. Take Google Reader for example. Try setting up RSS feeds of resumes from sites such as VisualCV, eMurse and other career or resume sites using FeedBeater. This way you can get notifications of fresh resumes hitting those sites on your mobile device. AutoSearch is a great “catch-all” search tool that scours search engines, LinkedIn, Twitter, ZoomInfo and Jobster for profiles and resumes based on key words. The real-value to sourcers with this tool is in the search strings it automatically sets up for you on the fly. If you’re an email junkie, try reMail for the iPhone which offers fast full-text email search in your pocket.

Tap into Social and Business Networks
Over 100 million people currently use the Facebook application from their iPhones compared to total membership of 400 million people on the site. That’s 1 in 4 Facebook members that are mobilized. The Facebook iPhone application is very robust and offers nearly every feature of the main site. This means you can search, chat and manage your pages from almost anywhere. The same goes for LinkedIn’s iPhone application. For Twitter, try using TweetDeck which offers the ability to form groups of those you follow to stay organized and set-up searches for active and passive job seekers based on key words. Also check into mobile social networks such as Mocospace.

Take Advantage of Utility Tools
Want to stay connected to all things on your work PC? Start embracing the cloud, as in cloud computing, or cloud recruiting in our case. There are a plethora of tools such as Diigo, which allow you to clip pieces or entire pages of websites and tag them for later viewing. Build a library of names, profiles and resumes, and access them anywhere using Diigo. Think of it like a portable information warehouse or a bare bones ATS while you are mobile. Take a good look at Evernote as well which offers similar features. If you need a backup plan for all your documents, try SugarSync. Need to manage your blog while at a client meeting or on the subway, platforms such as WordPress offer mobile applications to get your work done.

Use Mobile Specific Applications
Smart phones in particular were born to be workhorses for people as they go about their busy work days. Sourcers in particular will find a number of great applications that were made specifically for iPhones, Blackberrys and the like.

Foursquare, Gowalla and Loopt are three in particular to pay attention to. These social network related applications revolve around the new “location-based” craze. All offer ways to find and connect with new people. Siri is a newer application that acts as a “virtual personal assistant” running searches for you based on voice commands and even performs tasks such as emailing you reminders. TweetMic is a tool worth investigating. It allows voice recordings that tie into Twitter. If you consider mobilizing your website, careersite or blog, Movitas is a solid platform to get it done right as it has many popular social network plug-ins and features for Twitter and YouTube in particular.

Geoff_PetersonAbout our guest author:

Geoff Peterson is the owner/founder of General Lead. He has 10+ years experience in recruiting, sourcing, Internet research and social media and has held successful engagements with IBM, ADP, UnitedHealth Group, Booz Allen Hamilton, GEICO and other Fortune 500 clients, mid-size organizations and small businesses.