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Is Your Recruiting Team Still Behind the Curve on Social Media?

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social recruiting

social recruitingSocial recruitment is more than just automating your job board posts to the company Twitter account. It’s also more concept than technology. Many agree that social recruiting isn’t a type of hiring, but an integral step of the sourcing and recruiting process.

Frankly, social recruiting is old news.

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How to Use Google Analytics to Measure Social Media ROI by @FindSouth

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ROI Laptop Shows Investors Returns And ProfitabilityWhat would happen if you stopped posting content to your social channels for a week or even a month? My guess is that, in most cases, it would make no difference to your recruitment business.

This is because the majority of recruitment firms or internal talent teams are only playing lip service to social media. Posting occasional blog posts and semi-regular mainstream media articles to small audiences is enough to show a social media presence, but only requires minimal investment. As you can probably guess, this lack of investment results in limited returns. This creates a vicious cycle which is where most businesses remain. The best way to generate results from social media is to invest in strategy and content and the only way to be sure this investment is working is to know how to measure your returns.

Social Media

Infographic: How Recruiters and Job Seekers Use Social Media by @sioffy



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While social recruiting is by no means a new trend (we are living in the year 2015 after all), it’s processes and it’s nuances are evolving all the time, and it’s importance in recruiting continues to grow. Back in 2010, 78% of recruiters were using LinkedIn to find candidates. 5 years later that percentage has risen to 95%. Similarly, 2010 saw just 14% of recruiters posting jobs on Twitter. That figure has now risen to a whopping 95%! The potential for employee referrals on Twitter has also risen from 16% in 2010, to 93% in 2015.

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Not the same ‘ol XING

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Mouse Trap With Cheese

Sourcers need to fish in more than one pond. Most have mastered LinkedIn and have tinkered with other social networks, but even the best of us become complacent. Recently, I have been sourcing in EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) so I decided to take another dive into XING.

Since 2003, XING has grown to an estimated 14 million professionals (primarily located in Europe) supporting 16 languages. I make the distinction saying Professionals, because unlike LinkedIn you will not find many work-from-home, MLM, or wannabe authors here. Plus they all have last names!

Social Media

Is Instagram a good place to source job candidates?

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Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 1.25.21 PM

OESS- Obsessive Exotic Sourcing Syndrome…….(If you don’t know what this is, I suggest you read this article by Glen Cathey…. “Do You Suffer from Obsessive Exotic Sourcing Syndrome?”)  

Yeah, I had it!  So what?! I was given a dose of 250+ dials a week to cure this syndrome! I wrote about this in my last post and have fallen back in love with the phone, BUT….but, I still use social media to supplement my searches throughout the day.

In this post, we specifically take a look at Instagram and how I used it to source, recruit and hire a software developer.

Candidate Engagement

10 Ways To Contact Candidates Without Relying on LinkedIn Inmails


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What would your manager say if you had a 75% failure rate? Would he or she be happy?

Turn it around the other way – you are successful 25% of the time – would that make it anymore palatable? Well, that’s what LinkedIn sales people are saying –  that having a 25% success rate with InMails is good and aspirational. That’s a great sales message that fills you with confidence in a product, right?

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A few details from Facebook’s Q2 earnings report and conference call

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Facebook held a quarterly earnings call yesterday. For those interested, the Wall Street Journal has provided a complete recap of the call. Our more financially minded readers can view more details on the Facebook investor relations page. If you’re too busy to read the entire recap, here are some important takeaways.

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Free Tool Fridays: Twitter Extension

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Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 4.25.58 PM

As I stated in a recent post, has a suite of Chrome addons that do different things. Two weeks ago, I told you about People Search. This week, I am going to tell you about

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Happy (late) 3rd Birthday Google+

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DPFOC IG Google Plus

Google+ turned 3 years-old over the weekend (June 28th). Here at SourceCon, we’re big fans of Google+. I know, Google+ didn’t take off the way many predicted, but, I’m a huge fan of Hangouts ON AIR, so I will do my part to keep Google+ alive. In celebration of this milestone, here is an infographic from DPFOC. RSVP now for the next SourceCon Live Hangout ON AIR!

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eMarketer Reports Twitter User Annual Growth Rate Will Continue to Fall

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Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 9.16.05 AM

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 9.16.05 AMA recent report from eMarketer predicts that the Twitter user growth rate will continue to fall in coming years. User growth percentage in 2012 was 49% while growth in 2013 was only in the 30% range. By 2018, eMarketer predicts the new user growth rate to be at around 10%.

Other interesting findings:

- In 2014, the Asia-Pacific region will account for 32.8% of all Twitter users, compared with 23.7% in North America.

- New user growth will be heavily focused on emerging markets in the coming years.

- eMarketer predicts Twitter will have close to 400 million users by 2018.

Read more about the report here.

Does this information surprise you at all?