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A few details from Facebook’s Q2 earnings report and conference call

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Facebook held a quarterly earnings call yesterday. For those interested, the Wall Street Journal has provided a complete recap of the call. Our more financially minded readers can view more details on the Facebook investor relations page. If you’re too busy to read the entire recap, here are some important takeaways.

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Free Tool Fridays: Twitter Extension

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Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 4.25.58 PM

As I stated in a recent post, has a suite of Chrome addons that do different things. Two weeks ago, I told you about People Search. This week, I am going to tell you about

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Happy (late) 3rd Birthday Google+

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DPFOC IG Google Plus

Google+ turned 3 years-old over the weekend (June 28th). Here at SourceCon, we’re big fans of Google+. I know, Google+ didn’t take off the way many predicted, but, I’m a huge fan of Hangouts ON AIR, so I will do my part to keep Google+ alive. In celebration of this milestone, here is an infographic from DPFOC. RSVP now for the next SourceCon Live Hangout ON AIR!

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eMarketer Reports Twitter User Annual Growth Rate Will Continue to Fall

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Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 9.16.05 AM

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 9.16.05 AMA recent report from eMarketer predicts that the Twitter user growth rate will continue to fall in coming years. User growth percentage in 2012 was 49% while growth in 2013 was only in the 30% range. By 2018, eMarketer predicts the new user growth rate to be at around 10%.

Other interesting findings:

- In 2014, the Asia-Pacific region will account for 32.8% of all Twitter users, compared with 23.7% in North America.

- New user growth will be heavily focused on emerging markets in the coming years.

- eMarketer predicts Twitter will have close to 400 million users by 2018.

Read more about the report here.

Does this information surprise you at all?

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5 Ways Google+ Will Live On For Talent Acquisition



It was the talk of last month; Google+ Is Walking Dead claimed TechCrunch, followed by an equally dramatic claim by ArsTechnica.

As a happy Google+ user, I wasn’t too alarmed. All they’re really saying is that they are reshuffling their staff and will no longer force Google+ integration onto their users. It looks like they have listened to complaints, especially from the YouTube community, and adjusted what they’re doing.

In both articles they refer to Google+ as a social network, whereas it is a platform that sits over many Google services including Gmail, YouTube, Analytics, Images, Maps, Earth, Finance, Drive, GoogleDocs, Wallet and, of course, Google Search. [source: SocialMedia Today]

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The Basics: Google+ for Sourcers and Recruiters

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This week, I had the opportunity to speak at the DFW Texas Recruiters Network luncheon in Dallas. I’ve visited the group a couple of times and it’s always been a very engaged crowd.

My topic this week was Google+ for Sourcers and Recruiters. I shared why talent acquisition professionals should be on Google+, and a few search strings that can be used to identify candidates on the network.

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Buffer Announcement: Users Can Now Update LinkedIn Company Pages

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Great news for the sourcers and recruiters that manage a LinkedIn company page! Buffer has announced that, as of today, users can schedule and post directly to a LinkedIn company page. This announcement comes just weeks after Buffer announced they would be supporting Google+ business pages.

What can users now update with Buffer?

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Social Media Recruiting: A Second Look Beyond the Big 3



Last week, I wrote an article on ERE called Beyond the Big Three, in reference to the social networks that nearly everyone seems to be referring to when they talk about social recruiting: LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

In that article, I pointed out that not only have most of the networks in the big three have a small job board component (or social add on that has made them less social and more database like) but the majority of the statistics you find in social recruiting reports essentially reference LinkedIn; the behemoth professional network accounts for nearly 80% of “social recruiting” activities.

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If You Think Everyone Is Sourcing LinkedIn, You’re Right


Bullhorn social media power users

Bullhorn social media reportIf you’re thinking every one is using LinkedIn to source candidates, you’re close to right.

Nearly every survey on source of hire or use of social media by recruiters shows LinkedIn to be a key part of the mix; often it leads all the listed social media sites. The company itself reported adding 2,400 customers in just the last quarter of 2012, bringing the total to 16,400 organizations under contract.

Now comes a Bullhorn survey to report that of the 160,000 registered users on Bullhorn Reach, 97% use LinkedIn to source candidates. That’s not as surprising as it might seem at first glance. Bullhorn Reach is a freemium site specifically for managing a social media program and posting jobs to the sites and to some job boards. Bullhorn Reach users are all committed to at least some level of social media interaction.

Yet, so strong is the draw of LinkedIn, that almost two-thirds of the Bullhorn Reach recruiters use nothing but the business network to find candidates. Far fewer are exclusive to either Facebook (2%) or Twitter (1%). Instead, these two networks are used in addition to LinkedIn.

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The ROI of Social Media: Branding, Not So Much For Sourcing

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roundtables at expo

roundtables at expoJody Ordioni wrote a prescient view about the ROI of social recruiting which posted Monday morning. Monday night I discovered first hand just how prescient at a recruiting roundtable that marked the opening of the ERE Recruiting Conference & Expo.

I moderated two separate discussions of social media issues in 90 minutes that ROI concerns were uppermost in the minds of the recruiting leaders who joined our conversation. (More than 25 different topics were available at roundtables set aside in the ballroom of the Marriott here in San Diego where the conference is being held.)

It wasn’t surprising that these leaders who hailed from firms both very large and more modest size struggle with proving the value of social media as a source of hire. LinkedIn, I should point out, was an exception. Most of the 20 or so recruiters at the roundtable, and several others I spoke with later at the evening receptions, were enthusiastic users of LinkedIn Recruiter for sourcing. Most, though, admitted that getting their senior corporate managers and leaders to be active in posting and commenting on LinkedIn Groups is a struggle.

What was more of a surprise, and what makes Jody’s article so spot-on, is that I heard emerging among recruiters a recognition that social media is a marketing and promotional tool. The effectiveness of sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, even Pinterest is probably not in the number of hires or even applicants a company can trace directly to one of the social media sites. Instead, as recruiting consultants Gerry Crispin and Mark Mehler reported last year, social media is a channel of influence.