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SourceCon After Dark–The Other Side Of Sourcing!

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Editor’s note: For those attending SourceCon in Atlanta, the After Dark is a fun part of the after hours networking that you can’t get anywhere else. If you are interested in attending, please sign up on Eventbrite so that we have an idea about how many attendees we’ll have for food and space purposes. 

When I mention SourceCon After Dark to people, I usually get this look back of, “Whoa, what are you talking about?” They get this scared and puzzled look and think that I am trying to lure them into some dark, underground secret space where they will never go back. Well, I am!! Sort of, I mean never go back to doing your same old sourcing game.

I attended my first “After Dark” many moons ago. When I was invited, I really thought to myself, “Why am I here and how did I get to be part of this deep dark group who opened their laptops and crazy cool ideas and tricks start exploding like some magical wizardry?”

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Top Five Reasons To Come To #SourceCon Next Year

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With the last of my Thanksgiving leftovers gone, I know that SourceCon is just right around the corner. It’s the first conference of 2013 for me (and probably for most of our attendees, too). I don’t use superlatives often, but this fall’s conference was the biggest we’ve ever had. If any location can challenge that number, it is the site for our next SourceCon: Atlanta.

If you’ve never made it to a SourceCon before, it would be great to have you at this one. And if you’re a past attendee, we hope to see you again.

But if you need more reasons to attend, here are the top ones we hear from our own attendees about coming to SourceCon


SourceCon: The Ultimate Talent Community


Carmen and Elaine SCN12ATL

When I try to explain SourceCon (the conference) to the uninitiated, it sounds rather geeky and strange. A bunch of us recruiting types get together to discuss data, search technology, and deep candidate research. We impress each other by sharing LinkedIn hacks or discovering obscure mobile apps. We fired up our laptops at a bar to discuss candidate tracking software.

We check in a lot. And we tweet. A lot. We zap QR codes and trade search strings. And we talk about talent communities.

What’s a talent community? Like sourcing, the concept of talent communities defies definition. It is what you want it to be. I like to believe that a talent community, like sourcing, results in candidates and hires. Not everyone agrees with me.

I think that SourceCon, and the community that has developed around it, is a great example of a talent community. Perhaps the original intent was not to build a pipeline of sourcing professionals, but the end result is an active, real-time candidate pool. Doesn’t matter who owns it, or who uses it. If you’re looking to hire a sourcer, start with SourceCon.

The brilliant Chris Havrilla has already explored the territory of SourceCon and Talent Communities. But I will forge ahead, maybe extend the analogy. I’m stubborn like that.


I Wanna Go to SourceCon! How To Persuade Your Boss

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Last fall, one of the attendees at the conference in Santa Clara told me that a document we posted to provide some tangible evidence of the benefit of attending SourceCon had worked for her: she printed up the document and gave it to her manager, who read it and said, “Looks like something you should go to!”

I was recently asked by someone interested in sending a small team of recruiters to SourceCon in Atlanta to share some further information about the conference and answer some questions. While responding, I really started getting excited about the event and all it represents, and my response ended up being quite long-winded.

The answers I provided, however, are truly a reflection of why I feel this event is singularly the most important event for sourcers and those who desire to learn more about sourcing to attend this year. Below are the questions as well as my responses — I hope these will help you make a decision to come to SourceCon or give you the tools you need to ask your manager to send you!


Are You Ready for SourceCon Atlanta?

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We are all SUPER jazzed about SourceCon Atlanta coming up next month — February 9-10. We hope that this short video will help you feel the same — register today and join us next month!