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The Sourcing Function

The Sourcer’s Apprentice – To “OR”, “AND,” or “NOT”…that is the Question


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Boolean searches… at first look I wanted to find any and all methods of sourcing that could eliminate the need of these strings from my tool box.  My only knowledge had been from reading the blog posts of Glen Cathey, seeing the pre-constructed strings in the comments from sourcing challenges, and finishing wondering how they could so easily find results from three simple ingredients.

So, my questions became:

  1. What exactly are Boolean searches?  How do I do a Boolean Search?
  2. What are the basic search meanings for OR, AND, NOT?
  3. What sites can I use these searches on?  Do they each need their own?

With a defined list of questions, I began to do what I do best … search and source until I could find the answers that I was looking for. 

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The Sourcer’s Apprentice – A Lesson in Twitter


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August 5, 2010 – the date that I created my Twitter account due to the encouragement of my co-workers saying that it would be a valuable tool.

My initial look at Twitter created a few questions and concerns; yes LinkedIn I knew, and Facebook I loved and have had since college (2005 to be exact) … but Twitter? My only experience had been hearing about it from the battle Ashton Kutcher was having with CNN and thinking, “How is this going to help me source?”