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Recruiting Startups Talentbin and Gozaik Bought By Monster

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All but given up for dead when it failed to sell itself, Monster today showed there’s life yet in the venerable job board.

The company announced it bought recruiting startups TalentBin and Gozaik. The terms were not disclosed, but whatever the deal, it isn’t large enough to trigger a disclosure filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Nor did Monster say how it intends to integrate the companies.

“The acquisition of TalentBin and Gozaik completes one key component of a larger strategy designed to help our business grow,” said Sal Iannuzzi, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Monster Worldwide. “We look forward to sharing more details about these plans at our investor briefing event later this year.”

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Social Media Recruiting: A Second Look Beyond the Big 3



Last week, I wrote an article on ERE called Beyond the Big Three, in reference to the social networks that nearly everyone seems to be referring to when they talk about social recruiting: LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

In that article, I pointed out that not only have most of the networks in the big three have a small job board component (or social add on that has made them less social and more database like) but the majority of the statistics you find in social recruiting reports essentially reference LinkedIn; the behemoth professional network accounts for nearly 80% of “social recruiting” activities.

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TalentBin Releases Robust Google Chrome Plugin For Sourcing And More

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When we last left talent search engine TalentBin about six months ago, they were working on a variety of new projects including patent talent search and an iPhone app. They haven’t let up on new features, either.

The latest comes in the form of a Google Chrome plugin that will automatically link you to a dressed-down version of a person’s TalentBin profile when you bring up their account on social networks or even in some web-based applicant tracking systems. The plugin also works with as well as on an ad hoc basis if you highlight and right click on any person’s name.

While the plugin is invaluable if you have an account with TalentBin (of course), it is also quite useful just as a standalone as I don’t have a TalentBin account.

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Talent Search Engine TalentBin Launches Patent Search, iPhone App

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If you’ve delved deeper into sourcing than a LinkedIn search (and since you’re here, that’s probably a good guess), you’ve probably heard of using the US patent database to search for talent. That process, especially for perhaps a one-off search, wasn’t the easiest thing to pull off.

This month, TalentBin launched an easier way to search the patent database and find candidates that are, oftentimes, difficult to locate in more common databases. This is an addition to the growing list of services the talent search engine covers.

Oh, and I should also mention that they also just launched a snazzy new iPhone app as well. But more about patent talent search.

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The Big Data Impact On Social Recruiting



Once again “Big Data” is all the rage as enterprises struggle to cope with the data deluge that is exploding across the globe. The tsunami of user-generated content has generated an urgent demand for more sophisticated analytical tools in the social media space. This rising demand is bringing the worlds of big data solutions and social media services (i.e. social recruiting, marketing, and sales) closer together than ever before.

In the past two months the software behemoth Oracle acquired the social media marketing platform Virtue and Salesforce acquired Buddy Media. Acquisition of enterprise social media provider Yammer by Microsoft for $1.2 billion raised a lot of eyebrows. Clearly Microsoft didn’t buy Yammer based upon its direct revenue potential. Instead, the acquisition was an acknowledgement of where the market is heading, and how Microsoft desperately needs to reposition itself for the future.

How is BIG data influencing social recruiting?

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TalentBin Moves From Private Beta To Public; Launches Chrome Plugin, API Access

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TalentBin officially launched from private beta to public yesterday. The service, which bills itself as a talent search engine, announced via press release that it “just turned the entire professional web into the largest talent sourcing database known to mankind with its public launch.”

If you’ll excuse the bravado, what TalentBin is trying to do is actually quite impressive and has leaped forward since I saw the beginnings of their private beta at the HR Technology Conference last October.

What they are trying to do is fairly simple: create a searchable database that merges information about a person from all over the web into a single profile so that sourcers can get all of the information about them in one, digestible place.