FLASHBACK FRIDAY! – Do These 3 Things and Your Sourcing Life Will Be Forever Changed!

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Oct 15, 2021
This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.

*article previously published January 2017*

Have you ever reached a point in sourcing where you are stumped? Have you become complacent with your so-called bag of tricks that has “dust” everywhere that everyone sees except you? Well, that was me pre-SourceCon, and this article will give you three good reasons to attend SourceCon in the Spring.

As a recruiter, I have always been a sourcer at heart. Constantly on my A-game and always seeking out new tricks of the trade-in sourcing. However, about three or four months before attending SoureCon, I had fallen into a sourcing slump. Hadn’t learned anything sourcing-related or discovered any new sourcing tools. I was still relatively new in my current role which initially required a lot of “reactive” recruiting work. The days were filled with having to tackle everything coming at me from all different directions.

For that short time, it was ok to be in the sourcing slump (at least that is what I had told myself). Somewhere down the line in my career, I had become so good at what I did that I kept doing the same thing because it was working. I was still finding candidates, still having successes with engaging them; however, it just wasn’t new and fresh. The previously cool tools I had mastered were not as “hot” as the newest technologies that had already made their debut on the sourcing scene.

There were a few old-school tools that I kept near and dear to my heart and still use them often. Don’t get me wrong; old school still works; however, the new school options are much savvier (see my comparison).

So, how do you replace your dusty bag of tricks?

Old SchoolNew School
Microsoft Outlook (read receipt & schedule option)Mailtrack(Gmail) Banana Tag (Gmail and Outlook)


Register for SourceCon

SourceCon is a place to learn, grow and connect with some of the brightest and best sourcers in the industry. This is one of the most open and willing to share groups of people that I have ever met. By nature, I am a giver and a sharer of all things newly learned, so walking into a conference filled with a room full of people that have the same passion was like Christmas or my birthday or an anniversary (you get the point)!


Be prepared to learn at SourceCon

Do you remember in school when the teacher said to “put on your thinking cap?” This would be the time. There are keynote speakers that will blow your mind with the knowledge that they implant in your brain within their briefly allotted time.

Thanks, Jenny DeVaughn, for teaching me how NOT to be basic. I have truly re-embraced what makes me stand out as a recruiter!

Thanks, Maisha Cannon for teaching me about the M.A.G.I.C. in sourcing! (Mindful, Adaptable, Gutsy, Industrious, Consistent). It’s been a ton of fun exploring my new bag of “magical” sourcing tricks!

Thanks, Kerri Mills for teaching me about One Tab. Oh, how my complicated tab life has changed since I have been using it!

You may even have the opportunity to learn a new sourcing tip from someone that sits at the same table during the conference. I did! Huge shout out to Sedef Buyukataman. In a matter of minutes, she taught me some great tech sourcing tips at Hackathon (a great sourcing competition that was held at SourceCon). What was so unusual about her tips? Well, I am NOT a tech recruiter, that stuff is way over my head. So to be able to find one of the candidates during the preliminary round of the competition as a result of her help was a huge win for me.

Connect with others at SourceCon

Be sure to engage with other attendees. You will get to meet a broad range of people from all over the world. Everyone there is open to meeting you. For example, there are coordinators, sourcers, recruiters, talent acquisition leaders, and other roles that attend. I have made some great connections and friendships that I know will last a lifetime. It’s also good to carve out time to stop at the vendor booths.  There are so many sourcing tools out there and having the opportunity to speak with the various representatives all in one room is tremendous.

It’s still not too late for you to start planning to attend SourceCon in March. 

  • Take some time to speak with your manager about Company sponsored professional development options for 2017.
  • Mark your calendars and set the goal to be there.
  • Book your hotel room NOW! (onsite hotel fills up fast).
  • Catch the early bird or advanced registration pricing before they expire.

This investment in your career is worth the time and money. Within those few days spent there, I became so rejuvenated and refueled with the fire I’ve always had inside; it was like how I felt the first time I had fallen in love with sourcing.

My wish is that you will be able to attend and I would love to see you there. Don’t be the recruiter or sourcer that doesn’t nurture and grow your skills.

Happy sourcing everyone!

Thanks for reading this “Flashback Friday” Article.  We hope that you can join us Oct 19 – 21 for the upcoming Digital Conference – “A Sourcing Celebration”.  

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This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.
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