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Dec 13, 2013
This article is part of a series called Hangouts on Air.

If you haven’t been attending #SourceCon Live each week on Thursdays at noon central, you’re missing out. It’s a casual discussion between sourcing experts about current topics affecting sourcers and recruiters. We’re able to have 10 people in the hangout with us, others interact with the panel by submitting questions with the Google+ Question and Answer feature.

Yesterdays topic of discussion was “Sourcing Without Saying a Word.” Mark Tortorici presented a few slides to help sourcing professionals understand how to search for profiles of candidates who would be a fit for your job, but might not have mentioned the specific skills you need to identify on their resume or online profile. A video of the hangout is below.

Topics covered:

  • How to gain a deep understanding of the requisition you are working on.
  • How to find alternate titles.
  • What does the rest of the world call these people?
  • How do you identify companies in which these people would work?
  • How do you build a Boolean search string which will include these people?

Be sure to read Mark’s recent blog post on this topic.

Next week, we will be discussing Facebook Sourcing and Recruiting with Jim Durbin. RSVP and add questions you want the panel to discuss here!

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This article is part of a series called Hangouts on Air.
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