Video: What Are People Aggregators and How Will They Change Sourcing and Recruiting?

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Jul 15, 2013

People aggregators are the hot new product for sourcers and recruiters. However, not many practitioners have actually had the opportunity to log in and experiment with these new resources. In this video, Johnny Campbell walks viewers through the basics of the people aggregator space and demonstrates how to use Dice Openweb and Entelo.

Topics Discussed

  • What are people aggregators?
  • What does it mean for recruiters and sourcers?
  • How to use Dice Open Web Search
  • How to Find the right candidates at the right time with Entelo

Other players in the people aggregator market that are not discussed in this video include GildTalentbin, HiringSolved, and RemarkableHire. Expect to hear more about them on SourceCon in the near future.

Note: Identified Recruit is mentioned in this video but it’s not actually an aggregator. Identified is using their new technology, SYMAN, to organize the unstructured data found on Facebook. The last time I spoke with the founders of Identified they weren’t ready to give me a login so i am unable to review the tool.

Have you tried any of the aggregators or other tools intended to help recruiting professonals make sense of the “big data” found on the web? What has your experience been?

* If you enjoyed this post you will enjoy our Big Data and the Future of Sourcing Panel at SourceCon Fall 2013! The Founders of RemarkableHire, Entelo, Identified Recruit, and Talentbin will discuss how big data is changing sourcing and recruiting. The panel will be moderated by 2007 SourceCon Challenge winner Jer Langhans.

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