Grace Chiu is an Employer Brand Consultant at Proactive Talent Strategies. Previously, she worked in various employer branding, employee engagement, and marketing communications roles at multinational companies like SAP and HSBC.

Grace is experienced in developing compelling brand narratives, engaging employees to tell and share authentic stories, and building and executing multi-channel content marketing strategies for talent attraction, helping to transform and elevate the employer brand of Fortune 500 organizations such as GE and Hilton and fast-growing companies like Anaplan.

Grace is very passionate about helping companies find new and better ways to engage their employees, build the company culture, and develop meaningful relationships with their candidates, communities, and beyond. She loves being the connector who weaves all these different threads together, to help companies raise the profile of their brand and attract the top talent they need.

In her free time, Grace enjoys growing her organic fruit and veggie garden in her backyard, exploring the outdoors, and marathoning Korean drama.

If you'd like to contact Grace, email her at grace(at) or connect with her below.


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