Kay Kelison is a respected social media strategist and a principal sourcer who has been in the recruiting industry over fourteen years. She currently works as a Principal Researcher / Trainer for Zillow Group where she partners with both business and recruiting functions to build candidate pipelines, develop targeted sourcing plans, build and manage successful sourcing initiatives, and manage customer/partner expectations. Additionally, she is involved in the developing and managing diversity recruiting efforts through social networking platforms on websites including LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Kay is an open networker and encourages you to connect with her.

Only the Lonely

Loneliness seems intensely personal, private problem, but it’s much more than that. At work, loneliness is another effect of the inadequate attention paid … Read more

Being Genuine as a Sourcer

These words: Authenticity and Transparency get thrown around A LOT and not just our industry. In today’s recruiting social media frenzy, these words get … Read more

Stop Seeking Approval

“You don’t need other people to validate you; you are already VALUABLE.” Often we try to show those we work with that we want to be liked and accepted. We … Read more

Keeping Your Passion Alive

No matter what or who you’re involved in, it’s tough to keep the fires of passion burning. There’s no problem burning the midnight oil while you perfect … Read more

A Thank You Letter to You

Showing appreciation to your colleagues, mentors, business partners, friends, etc. can sometimes be challenging. You want to show gratitude for their help, … Read more

Believe Me, YOU Matter!

I read a quote today, “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow” and started thinking do we really know we matter? And if so, do we believe … Read more

Sourcers Need to Own It!

This I have learned over the last 19 years; gosh I am old; the only real way you’re going to get better at anything is owning it. Why look to someone else, … Read more

Authenticity in the Workplace

Why does the term “be authentic” seem like it’s been popping up everywhere these days? If you Google it, over a million results appear. Why do we all have … Read more

Voice of Intuition

Instincts, gut feelings, hunches, premonitions, all of these words point to a deep capacity that we all carry inside known as intuition. The word intuition … Read more

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