So who is Mark Mansour? Aside from being member #3387667 on LinkedIn, he’s been in the recruitment space for over 13 years recruiting and sourcing talent primarily in the technology space.  He, like most others, fell into recruitment. As a self-described nerd, Mark loves deep diving into technical requirements businesses may have, and persistently searching to identify the best person for the role.

He is creative, outgoing and flamboyant! He loves engaging with people to understand what they are passionate about and to ensure that their next employer can provide the stimulation they require in the workplace!

Mark prides himself on sharing knowledge with those around him. This could be the secret to his famous 10 layer, 4 cheese lasagne, or how he dyes his dogs tails different colours (he owns a Staffy and 2 Japanese Spitz – Instagram @snowyandprincess) , or some of the multitude of recruitment “hacks” he has learnt over the years. To this effect, Mark is also the organiser of the monthly #SydRecMeetup events which has a healthy following.

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