Michael is an Army Veteran who spent three years on active duty and two years in the Reserves. His professional civilian experience is centered in talent acquisition, talent sourcing, and using mass-email marketing techniques in candidate attraction and candidate engagement.

Michael has partnered with corporate recruiting teams from over one-hundred Fortune 5000 companies to build and support their veteran hiring initiatives using a wide variety of employer branding, talent attraction, and talent sourcing strategies. He is extremely passionate about helping his fellow veterans in their transition back to the civilian life, as well as helping corporate partners better understand how to engage with such a talented and diverse candidate pool.

Michael is currently working at Maxar Technologies as a Strategic Talent Sourcer, where he is developing creative and unconventional sourcing strategies targeting cleared and uncleared technical talent for satellite and geospatial intelligence operations. He spends his free time devising new ways to implement boot-strapped tools into his sourcing strategies as well as focusing on personal and professional development through reading, researching and networking with like-minded Talent Acquisition and OSINT professionals.

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