Mikey Weil was raised in New Hampshire and went to college just outside of Boston. He studied Digital Filmmaking and Creative Writing in college, so it was hard for him to find a stable out of college. He eventually wound up in Sourcing and has loved helping others find jobs since then. 
He has worked in RPO, corporate, and agency settings. He has worked for the country's largest general veterinary practice, as well as the world's largest mozzarella producer. He has also worked in banking, ag equipment manufacturing, and tech, and has just started a new role in pharma.
He is a four-time SourceCon attendee, has his AIRS CIR, and he recently took and passed the AmazingHiring Tech Sourcing Course. His first speaking engagement was at Souring Summit in 2020. 
In his spare time, he performs stand-up comedy, writes movies, and plays music. He recently moved back to New England from Denver with his wife, two dogs, and Guinea pig. He and his wife welcomed their first child in October.

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