Tom Ordonez

Tom Ordonez

I spent most nights in computer labs understanding the meaning of life while my non-engineering friends partied in South Beach.

I started my career as a government contractor in software and hardware projects. This experience felt like a Jason Bourne movie but without the action scenes. On my free time, I studied about open source and discovered Ruby on Rails. I learned that many startups in Chicago were using this technology, so I moved there to follow the startup dream.

In Chicago, I worked in product development, marketing and sales. I learned that life was not only about writing code. I organized a few hackathons including the first hackathon in a train.

A few years later I moved back to Miami to follow other dreams. I was an advocate for agile, test driven development, lean startup, growth hacking and I helped startups grow using these concepts.

I knew I had a higher purpose in life. I spent endless nights looking for Morpheus, but he found me first. Since mid-2016 I have been working for Sears Holdings as a Talent Sourcer to grow teams with technical leaders. This is a great company to work for and make an impact.