Best of 2014: #2 The Complete Guide to Recruiting on Github by @Kazanjy

Editor’s note: During the holidays, we counted down the Best of 2014. Our regular content will return this week.

This post is part of our Source the Web series here on SourceCon. It features articles on how to mine particular online data resources from experts like Peter Kazanjy, founder ofTalentbin

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What is GitHub? GitHub is a web-based hosting service for software development projects that use the Git revision control system. Put simply, it is a computer software engineer-focused social network used by students and professionals around the globe to share, create, critique and contribute to code and open source projects.

Pete Kazanjy is the founder of TalentBin, what might just be the world's coolest talent search engine. Nothing gets him more excited than thinking about how to help recruiters and sourcers make use of all the wonderful professional breadcrumbs candidates trail across the web nowadays. He's got a thing for purple squirrel hunting, and you can follow him at @kazanjy and TalentBin's team at @talentbinhiring