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Circle of Sourcing: Top Websites To Locate Directories

At SourceCon Fall in 2016, Lori Schifman shared with our roundtable this URL to find nurses: That was a “wow” moment for the entire table! I asked how she found it and she informed me she typically looks for…

Cracking the GitHub Code with Hiretual 3.0

By now most sourcers and recruiters have heard of Hiretual. In just a few months, it’s become one of our most used tools for sourcing candidates and unveiling contact information. It also provides sourcers with peer rankings, salary ranges, the…

Source IT Candidates For $100 Each

A few years ago a tech friend of mine changed his phone number. An inconvenient and, in this day of permanent numbers, a somewhat unusual occurrence. The reason, he explained, was to get away from the recruiters pitching him jobs….