Sourcing with Reddit

Reddit is an aggregator of websites that can be ranked by users. It contains subreddits to categorize topics and users can comment on these. Reddit … Read more

Being Genuine as a Sourcer

These words: Authenticity and Transparency get thrown around A LOT and not just our industry. In today’s recruiting social media frenzy, these words get … Read more

Stop Seeking Approval

“You don’t need other people to validate you; you are already VALUABLE.” Often we try to show those we work with that we want to be liked and accepted. We … Read more

Sourcing for Engineers

Sometimes, candidates will apply for a position at the agency where I work because they see that we recruit for engineering, but we recruit for the … Read more

Keeping Your Passion Alive

No matter what or who you’re involved in, it’s tough to keep the fires of passion burning. There’s no problem burning the midnight oil while you perfect … Read more

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