GlossaryTech Continues To Expand Its Catalog for Tech Sourcers, Integrates With LinkedIn

A big hurdle in the tech recruiting and sourcing world is keeping up with technology, the buzzwords, and staying up to date with the jargon. There are a lot of online glossaries and websites to source technical information. Most of the knowledge readily accessible is very static, meaning they don’t keep up with the changing vernacular in the tech world.

GlossaryTech is the first online; live tech glossary built for recruiters and sourcers. What makes this tool so much better than the others is we can add terms to it as we learn them and quickly upload a resume for extraction. Think of GlossaryTech as Wiki for the recruitment industry. It will allow sourcers to research more information on technical positions.

With the latest version, We now get those same capabilities when we are looking at profiles on LinkedIn.

This new feature is easy to use. Simply go to a profile on LinkedIn, then click on the icon in the ribbon and a sidebar will open, that provides you a breakdown of all the technologies mentioned in the profile, as well as definitions for all the technical terms listed. It will highlight all the terms, provide short, concise descriptions, tell you what percentages of the terms are what, as well as allow you to filter through the terms. It also puts terms into lists where they below.

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For example, you might see “back end,” and when you click on it, you see a list of terms included in the profile relevant to back-end development. This is a dummies guide to technology. In addition to all of that, you can check a term or filter, and the tool will take you right to where it appears in the profile, which makes it much easier to find the things you want to see. Once you click the icon in the ribbon the sidebar appears but does not get in the way of LI, it sits in the white space not being used.

All in all an excellent little tool that can help those of us who may not be as technology savvy. This is a perfect staffing community tool that was long overdue in being created. Oh and I almost forgot it’s FREE!

Dean Da Costa has more than 16 years of staffing/recruiting experience in Fortune 100 companies. He was recently named the single "most online influential recruiter."