GlossaryTech Expands Its Catalog for Tech Recruiters

GlossaryTech is an excellent resource for understanding and knowing tech terms. There was a great article previously posted on SourceCon by yours truly. GlossaryTech is the first online; live tech dictionary established for recruiters and sourcers. It’s kind of like Wiki for the recruitment industry. It will allow sourcers to research more information on technical positions.

Well, they now have a new tool, that allows you to upload a resume and have it take out and examine the tech terms and give you an explanation of each technical terminology. See below as an example:

As you can see you get a list of all the tech terms on the right, then all the tech terms are highlighted, and if you hover over them, there is a pop-up with a definition. They also have an extension coming out soon that will allow you to hover over any tech term and see a definition without having to open another browser or change pages. This is a great tool for sourcers and recruiters in tech recruiting.

As reported previously, the site was built as an online glossary. There are a lot of online dictionaries and websites to look up information. Most of the information readily available is very static, meaning they don’t keep up with the changing tech world. GlossryTech is unique in that you have the ability to add terms to the index, making this an online collaborative tool for all recruiters and sourcers.

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In addition to searching for information by the keyword, you can also search in categories. Categories include; IT Technologies, QA, DevOps, Development Methodologies, Software Architecture, Fundamental Programming Concepts, Programming Paradigms, Tools, and General Terms. There is even a “last update notice” that lets you know the last update, the date of the update, and who made the update.

This is an excellent staffing community tool that was long overdue in being created. Oh and I almost forgot it’s FREE!