Job Posting in a Modern World

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Posting a job opening in today’s world may seem like a no-brainer. Put it online and blast it out for anyone and everyone to see. The more job applications, the better, right? Eh, not necessarily. While technology has made it easy to reach the masses, it has also made it easy to receive masses of garbage applications. Here are a few job posting tips to consider that can help keep your job posting process effective.

Ready, Aim, Target!

Posting a job opening online is a surefire way to maximize visibility, but how do you keep from getting swamped with applications that aren’t qualified or irrelevant? There’s a fine line between getting to see a large cross-section of the talent market, and being inundated with irrelevant resumes that waste everyone’s time. Target those ads. Many job boards offer options for you to target your post so that it is viewed by the qualified professionals you’re looking for, whether it be by location, industry, or particular skill. A little work on the front end can save you a headache later on.

Don’t Stay in One Place

Today’s job seeker is browsing job postings online, through mobile apps, and through various job sites. Glassdoor has an average of 32 million unique monthly users on its website and mobile applications. And these users report using an average of 7.6 different job sites during their searches. If you aren’t at least pushing an opening on a job board besides your own company’s website, you’re missing out big time. Once your post is online, bring it to social media as well to up the amount of eyes on your opening through shares and tags.

Consider employee referrals

One of the easiest ways to find new talent for your company is to ask for employee referrals. This option can save hiring managers a lot of time, being that they aren’t bogged down looking through piles of applications. Employees already know and can inform potential hires of the workplace culture, so there are no big surprises. They also know their friend’s personality and will likely only recommend someone they think would be a good fit. Referral hires often integrate into the work culture easier, on board faster, and stay with a company longer, making it a desirable option.

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Back to the Basics

You may have the best game plan for promoting and targeting your job posting, but if it’s poorly written, unclear, or full of errors, it’s going to be tough to bait a good catch. Make sure the job title is clear and concise. In the age of search engines, you don’t want a job title so unique that people won’t know to search for it, nor do you want it to be so vague that it misses your target audience. You also want to put time into writing a good job description. Job seekers are busy, so keep it concise while also providing enough detail that allows them to decide whether or not they qualify. Talk about what can be expected in the day-to-day, how the role functions within the organization, and include special skills that are required or merely preferred (and let them know which are which). Be sure to proof your work for errors, and consider breaking up longer paragraphs with return spaces to make it easier to read.

As times change, it’s important to think about how the modern job seeker changes as well. Knowing where they’re going, what they’re searching for, and using targeting technology to your benefit will ensure your hiring efforts are worthwhile.


Grace Chiu is an Employer Brand Consultant at Proactive Talent Strategies. Previously, she worked in various employer branding, employee engagement, and marketing communications roles at multinational companies like SAP and HSBC.

Grace is experienced in developing compelling brand narratives, engaging employees to tell and share authentic stories, and building and executing multi-channel content marketing strategies for talent attraction, helping to transform and elevate the employer brand of Fortune 500 organizations such as GE and Hilton and fast-growing companies like Anaplan.

Grace is very passionate about helping companies find new and better ways to engage their employees, build the company culture, and develop meaningful relationships with their candidates, communities, and beyond. She loves being the connector who weaves all these different threads together, to help companies raise the profile of their brand and attract the top talent they need.

In her free time, Grace enjoys growing her organic fruit and veggie garden in her backyard, exploring the outdoors, and marathoning Korean drama.

If you'd like to contact Grace, email her at grace(at) or connect with her below.