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US Economy Adds 321000 New Jobs In November

The U.S. economy delivered a powerful holiday surprise, adding 321,000 new jobs last month, the most in almost three years. To add to the robust report, the Labor Department’s monthly employment report, out this morning, adjusted upward its initial numbers for…

Tactical Sourcing

Illuminating the Darkness on LinkedIn by @mike1178

A few years ago I read Glen Cathey’s article called “LinkedIn’s Dark Matter- Undiscovered Profiles.” Reading the article set my mind in motion. In the article Glen calls “dark matter profiles” the profiles that exist on LinkedIn that do not…


How and Why to Forget All Your Recruiting Problems

Believe it or not, there are recruiters who are able to remember anything and everything without the help of their laptop, smartphone, or ATS. Facts regarding dates of employment, professional certifications, places candidates are willing to relocate, when bonuses are…