Python, Java, C++ Top Three Popular Programming Languages for 2015 per #CodeEval by @SteveRath

CodeEval ( released their list of Most Popular Programming Languages of 2015. Each year they publish data on the “Most Popular Coding Languages” based on hundreds of thousands of data points collected by processing over 600,000+ coding tests and challenges by over 2,000+ employers.


According to CodeEval, the top five most popular programming languages ending 2014 are:

  1. Python (31.23%)
  2. Java (19.58%)
  3. C++ (9.79%)
  4. Ruby (7.11%)
  5. JavaScript (6.48%)

The top 2 programming languages aren’t really a surprise. However, if you inspect the chart for the past few years, you’ll notice Java taking a slight hit in popularity – dropping steadily in percentage points over the years but still well above C++. Yes, you saw that right – C++ – which for me was the biggest surprise. The fact C++ is even in the top 10, let alone in top 3 programming languages used today was a shocker. If I recall, someone back in 2006 exclaimed C++ was a fading language along with C. Apparently not! In fact C is ranked 6th nearly neck and neck with JavaScript! WOW…

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Thanks CodeEval for confirming I’m still sourcing relevant skills in the top 5 popular programming languages.

What about you? Are the technical skills you’re recruiting/sourcing for on this list? Please share your thoughts with our community…