The Wonderful World Of Chrome Extensions – Volume 17

SourceCons Wonderful World Of Chrome Extensions

Welcome to SourceCon’s guide to the wonderful world of Chrome extensions. This is our 17th installment in what will be an ongoing series of short books on Chrome extensions. Each month, this digital book will introduce you to eight Chrome extensions.

Each extension will be broken down by title, where to find it and of course, how to use it. Each extension (the good, the bad and even the ugly) will be dissected and closely examined. A ranking system will be added to each extension with five thumbs-up noting the highest rating, and zero for the extensions to avoid. Ease of use, ease of installment, provided results, and placement is all factored into the rating system. Keep in mind new extensions are added almost every day, and old ones are expiring just as quickly. At the time of publication, each extension in this book is alive, doing well and helping us to better source candidates.