SourceCon Webinar: Driving Talent Pipeline Success and Improving Candidate Care with Talent Communities

Like it or not, many of the recruitment marketing practices your company has been using are quickly becoming obsolete. They are expensive, time consuming and may no longer reach the audience you’re looking for.  Increased social networking and online engagement has drastically changed the way we interact with candidates, and your company must be able to keep up!

On this iCIMS sponsored webinar, Master Burnett will discuss how the playing field has changed, and how the use of talent communities can help your company gain a leg-up on the competition and increase quality-of-hire.  On August 27th, you will learn:

  • When, where, why and how to use talent communities
  • How to leverage your organization as a community
  • How to approach modern day thinking and online engagement;
  • The importance of pivotal assets, and why they drive EVERYTHING!

Whether you have already started a talent community for your company, are just thinking about it, or have no clue what it is, you NEED to join us for this no-cost, 1-hour webinar, to learn how you can drive talent pipeline success and improve candidate care with talent communities. Don’t miss out!

Date/Time of Webinar: August 27th, 2014 at 2:00pm EST

Registration Link:

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Sponsor: iCims

Can’t attend on August 27th?  No problem!  Register and receive a copy of the webinar slides and the recording!