The Top 10 Reasons to Attend #SourceCon

Here are 10 reasons you need to sign up for Fall SourceCon Anaheim right now!

SourceCon is THE place to SHARE your sourcing secrets. Learn with over 400 of your peers!

Geek out and demo the hottest sourcing technology in our Innovation Labs

Jump aboard the Welcome Wagon and meet THE most talented sourcers in our industry

Meet likeminded and passionate sourcing professionals at the first ever SourceCon Happy Hour

Be the first to know the latest industry trends from our 2016 State of Sourcing Survey keynote

Unleash your inner hacker and sourcing spirit animal at the SourceCon Hackathon

We don’t speak basic, only Boolean and Ewokese

There are no “cool” kids at SourceCon, everyone wants to drop knowledge, whether it is in a session or just chatting with a Grandmaster champ.

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After attending SourceCon you’ll be so powerful that when you think the word Boolean your competitors will quiver in fear

Finally locate that purple squirrel (and have your picture taken with the elusive creature)


Shannon Pritchett

Shannon Pritchett is the editor of SourceCon. As a lifelong student in the recruitment industry, Shannon is passionate about improving it. Shannon has a diverse background in training, sourcing, international recruitment, full desk recruiting, coaching, and journalism. Shannon got her start in the recruitment industry at Vanderbilt University and later worked as a Senior Recruiter for Internal Data Resources and Community Health Systems, Social Media Recruitment Ambassador for T-Mobile USA, Director of Recruiting for Moxy, Trainer with AIRS, and last as a Manager of Global Sourcing and Training for ManpowerGroup Solutions RPO.