We’re Looking for Speakers, Writers, and Webinar Presenters

It’d be great to get even more of you involved in all of what we’ve got going on at ERE Media, from the annual recruiting awards to the conferences and webinars, and more.

Here’s a very brief rundown of some of the opportunities. We can talk more on the phone or by email.

We’re always looking for …

Speakers, including:

  • In-house recruiting leaders with new ideas, able to share new programs, insights, and initiatives with your peers, for our upcoming conferences in Chicago (September 17-18) and San Diego (next April). Contact me at todd@ere.net.
  • Human resources, learning, benefits, and recruiting leaders from manufacturing companies, for our Manufacturing Conference on Talent, November 4-5, in Ft. Worth (contact John Hollon, jhollon@ere.net).
  • Recruiters and sourcers, for our upcoming SourceCon conference next spring (contact Jeremy Roberts, jeremy@ere.net). The SourceCon Fall slots are full and the agenda should launch soon.

Webinar Presenters:

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  • We’d love to know what topics and any speakers you want in future webinars. Contact Erinn at Erinn@ere.net.


  • To tell your success story, give your opinion, and share your tips. Contact me at todd@ere.net or Jeremy at jeremy@ere.net

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