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Here We Go! SourceCon Challenge 2014!!!

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UPDATE: The first 5 people to complete round 1 will receive a complimentary registration for SourceCon Fall. If already registered, this will be applied to the SourceCon Spring event.

Here we go!

We’re excited to share this link to the first round of the SourceCon Challenge!

This portion of the challenge was organized by Julia Stone with help from Katharine Robinson, Sharon Meyers, and Lisa Offutt.

Want to hear more about the challenge?

Watch this video.



Sourcing Today – So How Did What Happened Happen?


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Editor’s Note: Should sourcers be engaging candidates? Maureen Sharib weighs in on the debate. Do you agree with her? Let us know in the comments section below.

79% of all sourcers surveyed in 2013 were required to do that first touch piece of recruiting today as part and parcel to their jobs.

In other words – sourcers are required (by their employers) to find the person and THEN call the person to see if they’d be interested in the employer’s job.

This isn’t what sourcing started out as.

Sourcing was meant to be the FIND piece and then the FIND was meant to be developed by the recruiter.

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Which LinkedIn Account Should a Solo Recruiter Purchase?

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The Recruiting Animal posed an interesting question to the guests on #SourceCon Live today. His question was, “Which LinkedIn account should an individual recruiter purchase?”

The guests on the hangout all agreed that individual practitioners should use the free version of LinkedIn instead of upgrading. Watch the entire conversation below to hear the reasons our panelists feel this way.


SourceCon Webinar: Driving Talent Pipeline Success and Improving Candidate Care with Talent Communities

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Like it or not, many of the recruitment marketing practices your company has been using are quickly becoming obsolete. They are expensive, time consuming and may no longer reach the audience you’re looking for.  Increased social networking and online engagement has drastically changed the way we interact with candidates, and your company must be able to keep up!

On this iCIMS sponsored webinar, Master Burnett will discuss how the playing field has changed, and how the use of talent communities can help your company gain a leg-up on the competition and increase quality-of-hire.  On August 27th, you will learn:

Editor's Corner

Sourcers and Recruiters: Please Take the 2014 State of Sourcing Survey

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Last year, we conducted the first annual “State of Sourcing” survey. The results were shared on the blog and at the 2013 Fall SourceCon conference. In preparation for SourceCon Fall 2014, we’re excited to conduct the survey again to see what has changed during the last year.

Technology & Resources

New Sites Offer Employee Referrals and Job Screening Tools

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Believe it or not, not everyone’s been at the Hamptons, Martha’s Vineyard, or running around getting the kids’ school supplies this month.

Canon Europe told me it launched a new career site, and a company called STIHL told me it did too.

There are even a couple newer recruiting-technology companies you may not know of:

The Sourcing Function

Properly Equipping a Future Generation of Excellent Sourcers


Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 11.54.49 AM

I don’t know a single person whose goal upon graduating either from high school or college was to become a recruiter or a sourcer. To the best of my knowledge, there isn’t a single college that has a degree program dedicated to the art and/or science of recruiting (and no, Human Resources does NOT count, in my opinion). Yet the demand is on the rise to find people who can identify, engage, and bring great talent into an organization. I live in Seattle, and by conducting a very quick search, I can see that there are over 2,000 either sourcing or recruiting-focused roles just in this geographic area right now. Recruiters and sourcers are in high demand, which should be a good thing from a career development perspective…

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Free Tool Friday: The Leaf Chrome Addon Gives Data About Twitter Users

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Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 4.32.27 PM

Note: This is a part of the Free Tool Friday series with Dean DaCosta. Each Friday during July and August, Dean will provide a short description of one of his favorite browser addons, apps, or extensions.

Do you source on Twitter? Do you ever wish you had a way to see more data about Twitter users when viewing their profiles? This may be your answer. Leaf is a Chrome addon that lets you see Twitter metrics for any Twitter user. You will see Twitter activity, hashtags, influencers, mentions and more.

Once installed, the leaf button sits on the upper right hand of the screen when viewing a Twitter profile. To see statistics, simply click on the leaf.

Technology & Resources

How to Use FeedDemon to Track Sourcing and Recruiting News

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feeddemonHow do you stay up to date on sourcing and recruiting news?

In this short video, Tony Stemen of the Novo Group walks viewers through how he uses FeedDemon to track his favorite sourcing and recruiting news sources.

Startup Spotlight

Startup Spotlight: TalentBrowser Scores and Matches Candidates to Jobs

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Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 10.49.38 AM

This week, the Startup Spotlight shines on Talent Browser. Below is a conversation with Founder Janet Dwyer

What is your background?

For the past 15+ years I’ve been working in I.T./Financial Services recruitment in the NY tri-state region as a combined client account manager and hands-on recruiter. In 2003, my business partner John Harney and I founded Integretech, our I.T. staffing firm. John has 20+ years of experience in I.T. architecture, project management and development, with a focus on real-time trading software integration in the top-tier financial firms. We’re also co-founders of our spinoff software company TalentBrowser, which is Job Matching software built on patented technology that revolutionizes how resumes are evaluated and how people are matched to jobs.