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A Trick to Find the Email Address of a LinkedIn User

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An article published on just exposed a neat little trick using LinkedIn to find the email addresses that that person registered when they signed up for the service. The feature in question is the ability to sync (or upload) a list of your contacts to see who else is in LinkedIn.

As the article states, just about every social media website has some version of this feature, so that you can connect with others using the same site.  Here is the response LinkedIn had to the author of the article and what they are planning to mitigate the “exposed” email addresses. 

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Free Tool Friday (night): Email Extractor



Note: This is a part of the Free Tool Friday series with Dean DaCosta. Each Friday Dean provides a short description of one of his favorite browser addons, apps, or extensions.

Email Extractor is one of my favorite addons because it simply tells me if the page I am on has any email addresses on it and then find them for me. Below is an example.

Tips & Tricks

You Can’t Be an Effective Sourcer if You Don’t Do THIS First


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You can be the best Boolean string-builder, Google X-Rayer, or use all of the latest social-aggregating, open-web, supercharged sourcing tools out there, but if you don’t first have a thorough, deep-dive intake meeting with your hiring manager to find out EXACTLY what your hiring team wants (and NEEDS… which are often two different things), then you’re digging in the wrong place! (Cue the Raiders of the Lost Ark theme song.) Seriously, though… How can you be your hiring team’s eyes and ears out on the web if you don’t know PRECISELY what you’re looking for? 


SourceCon Webinar: Forward-Looking And Predictive Metrics For Recruiting

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The most effective way to identify trends and predict upcoming recruiting issues is through the use of metrics and analytics. In the fast-changing world of corporate recruiting, it’s important to be aware of and prepared for the problems and opportunities that you will soon face. In short, because it’s better to be prepared than surprised, both recruiting and hiring managers must find a way to be proactive in planning for these upcoming events, rather than reactive. This advanced webinar will be led by long time author and global metrics expert Dr. John Sullivan. He will guide you through the goals, the action steps, and the best emerging corporate practices in predictive recruiting metrics.

Startup Spotlight

Startup Spotlight: HackerRank Helps Employers Engineer Their Technical Recruiting Process

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 This week, the Startup Spotlight shines on HackerRank. Below is a conversation with Global Sales Director, Darin Medeiros.

What is the background of the founders?

Vivek started his career at Amazon in India.  The idea of Hackerrank came from a flaw he saw in the recruiting process with regard to evaluating technical talent.  There is a funny story of when Vivek was interviewing for a job and the interviewer told Vivek code that he had written was wrong when, if he had Hackerrank, he could have proven it was correct.


Inside the Millennial Mind: A Gen Y Recruiter Speaks Out – PART II


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Employers and talent acquisition professionals are still trying to grasp what it takes to retain the Millennial generation, making sure that they are unleashing the full human potential of Gen Y. Clearly this topic of engaging and retaining Millennials in the workplace is proving to be an ongoing struggle for those in corporate America and around the globe. In fact, a Bentley study found that, about two – thirds of employers (63% of business decision makers and 68% of recruiters) say their organizations struggle to manage Millennials. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, by next year, Millennials will account for 36% of the U.S. workforce and by 2025, they will account for 75% of the global workplace. Using what I shared in my first article to attract Millennials into your organization, below are ideas to keep them retained and engage the full potential of Gen

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Free Tool Friday: Is Rapporto a Replacement for Rapportive?

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Note: This is a part of the Free Tool Friday series with Dean DaCosta. Each Friday during July and August, Dean will provide a short description of one of his favorite browser addons, apps, or extensions.

Rapporto is a new addon tool that recently hit the Chrome store. Some are touting it as a replacement for Rapportive which had its functionality downgraded after it was bought by Linkedin. Unfortunately, Rapporto does some of what Rapportive did, it doesn’t do it all. Specifically, Rapportive allowed a user to enter a list of possible email addresses and highlight each one to identify which is correct. Unfortunately, that’s the feature missing from Rapporto. 


August Jobs Report Shows Smallest Increase of the Year

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Econ-indicators-Aug-2014-v2Even taking into account the usual summer hiring slowdown, this morning’s jobs report from the U.S. Labor Department can only be called surprising. The Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics said 142,000 new jobs were created in August, a number far off the 220,000 to 230,000 economists forecast. Unemployment inched down to 6.1 percent from 6.2 percent.

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Social Network Just for Military Helps Veterans Get Jobs

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rallypoint-homepageWhen active military are ready for a new assignment, seniority allows them to request certain postings. Military procedure is that they discuss the options with a human resources officer. Even the best of the HR officers, though, can only hope to know of some of the potentially thousands of openings and locations worldwide.

Recently discharged veterans and those not long from returning to civilian life have a different problem. Finding a job for them is complicated by the different languages military HR and civilian recruiters speak. Often, in the translation, too much is lost, leaving highly trained specialists struggling for any entry-level positions.


A Sneak Peek at the SourceCon Fall General Sessions With @MarkNexus @StacyZapar and @BryanChaney

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SourceCon Fall in Denver is just around the corner. We’ve created an agenda packed with information relevant to sourcing and recruiting professionals working in any environment. Each day of the conference, we will have 2 presentations that take place in the general session room before we separate into the 3 tracks (Sourcing Labs, Fundamentals, Leadership).