10 Apps That Will Change the Way You Recruit Forever by @GBhambra

Feb 17, 2015

Magnifying Glass Online FingerprintAs sourcers, we are used to taking a deep dive into the web to hunt for talent. We weave our way through different sites very skilfully, like detectives picking up clues – little golden nuggets of information that will lead us to finding the perfect candidate. The problem that we come up against time and time again is that sometimes, the candidate we are hunting does not want to be found, bothered, or pestered by recruiters.

Well fear not my fellow detectives, there is another solution. A wave of career or job matchmaking apps are springing up everywhere, allowing us to woo our next potential hire in a nice, easy to use interface. Even better news? This phenomenon is only growing.


Use for: Recruiting Tech and Media candidates in New York (coming soon to San Francisco and Washington D.C.

Cost: Free

Switch is an app that has recently received a lot of press coverage, dubbed as “Tinder for jobs”. It allows both candidates and employers to remain anonymous. Only when both are a match are the users notified.


Use for: Recruiting Tech candidates in New York, Seattle and San Francisco

Cost: Free for 3 introductions, to sign up as a preferred recruiter its $499 for 10 introductions.

Poachable is similar to Switch, candidates complete a profile of their dream of job and the wizards at Poachable will match profiles to jobs. Only when a candidate and employer are interested are identities revealed.


Use for: Recruiting Tech candidates in the US

Cost: $79 to post a job for 30 days

Blonk is a lot like Poachable, except when the match is made between a candidate and the employer (they both like each other) they are able to converse via a text message interface where they can chat, arrange interviews, etc.

Use for: Offers employer solutions, primarily their focus is on finding cultural fit

Cost: Free is an interesting concept – it’s a “self-discovery platform” for a new generation of professionals looking for more meaning their careers. It’s based on the idea there needs to cultural match for both the company and employee. Their quizzes are based on Big Five personality traits, which measure openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism.


Use for: Recruiting candidates primarily in New York (will be expanding to other locations)

Cost: Enquire – there is a monthly fee dependent on size of company and recruiting needs

Poacht is a covert job seeking app, concealing a candidate from employers. It is simple to use and sets up a profile based on information from LinkedIn. The app then uses an algorithm to match jobs to the profile. Recruiters can also invite candidates for interviews via the app.


Use for: Recruiting candidates primarily in Germany/Europe – has some from US

Cost: Freemium service – there are different plans

Poachee is a German based start-up that was founded in 2012. It does not reveal personal data to employers, so candidates remain anonymous. Employers can also make job offers directly through the website.


Use for: Local professional networking

Cost: Free

Weave is “Tinder for LinkedIn” with its Tinder-like swipe, acting as a platform for potential candidates, recruiters or hiring managers to meet and explore new career opportunities.


Use for: Recruiting primarily in US

Cost: Free

Jobr is a “Tinder” style app, allowing candidates to register with their LinkedIn profile and then they are able to swipe through job posts. Employers are also able to do the same and search for their next employee.


Use for: Recruiting Tech candidates in the US

Cost: Freemium service, with a free 14 day trial – there is no cost to hire

Whitetruffle is exclusively for recruiting Tech candidates; they remain anonymous until they accept a “match” which is generated by the system’s algorithm. Employers can join and post their jobs for free.


Use for: Recruiting globally

Cost: Free

Coffeetheapp takes information from either a Facebook or LinkedIn profile. Based on selected preferences, the app will match opportunities to the jobseeker. The interface is similar to Tinder, where users swipe right to connect with someone or left for alternatives.

Although not exclusively an app, I’ve included the following because I like the fact it’s targeting a different market – graduates:


Use for: Recruiting top graduates, UK, Asia and will be moving to the US

Cost: Joining is free; there is a cost dependent on the number of profiles you want to unlock

10MinutesWith is an innovative recruiting platform specifically for hiring top graduates. It works by matching graduates with opportunities and also allowing them to reach out to employers. The idea is to help candidates get an idea of what it is like to work for an employer and how this could fit in with their overall career aspirations.

Too many to choose from? Use a web/app analytics site such as Similar Web to find out which apps could potentially work best in your part of the World and to help determine how popular they are.

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