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SourceCon’s Editor

Megan Whittington

Megan Whittington

Megan is a servant leader whose most recent role was Global Sourcing Manager at Twitter. She's had the opportunity to work in both agency and corporate environments partnering with clients/stakeholders to attract and retain the best talent. The SourceCon community became part of Megan's life when she transitioned from a full cycle recruiter into the world of talent sourcing. Starting out as an attendee of the event, she evolved to a volunteer with the Greet Squad, and then was nominated to Greet Squad leader. Megan's involvement continued to grow for the community she holds dear to her heart. Now it's her time to serve the community as Editor with a focus on making a positive impact, increasing engagement, and elevating the service offerings to be one of the 1st resource options for sourcing professionals worldwide.

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