Clyde is not your average squirrel. Sporting a vibrant purple coat and an unmatched knack for finding hidden talent, he has carved out a niche as one of the most skilled Sourcers in the industry. Working tirelessly from his high-tech treehouse office, CLyde specializes in seeking out passive candidates for a variety of diverse roles, from tech wizards to creative geniuses.

Early Life

Born in the heart of a bustling forest, CLyde always stood out among his peers, not just because of his unusual color but also due to his insatiable curiosity and intelligence. From a young age, he displayed a remarkable ability to find hidden treasures and solve complex puzzles, skills that would later translate perfectly into his career as a Sourcer.


Clyde’s professional journey began when he stumbled upon an online webinar about sourcing strategies. Instantly hooked, he dedicated himself to mastering the art of recruitment. His unique ability to think outside the box and his relentless pursuit of the perfect candidate quickly gained him a reputation in the recruitment community. Clyde spends his days scouring the internet, leveraging social media, forums, and professional networks to unearth top talent that others might overlook. His approach is meticulous, creative, and always geared towards finding the best cultural and skill fit for the roles he is working on.

Geek Culture Enthusiast

When Clyde is not on the hunt for talent, he dives headfirst into geek culture. His treehouse is adorned with comic book posters, action figures, and the latest gaming consoles. He has an extensive collection of comics, ranging from classic superhero tales to niche indie publications. Weekends often find him marathoning his favorite movie trilogies or conquering new video game worlds.

SourceCon Aficionado

But what truly lights up Clyde's eyes is SourceCon. These events are the highlight of his year, offering him the perfect blend of learning, networking, and fun. At SourceCon, Clyde gets to meet fellow Sourcers, exchange tips and tricks, and attend sessions that keep him at the cutting edge of the industry. It’s also a chance for him to show off his cosplay skills, often dressing up as his favorite comic book characters, much to the delight of other attendees.


Clyde the Purple Squirrel is a testament to the idea that passion and profession can blend seamlessly. Whether he’s finding the perfect candidate for a challenging role or geeking out over the latest comic book release, Clyde brings enthusiasm, creativity, and a touch of purple magic to everything he does. His story is an inspiring reminder that being different is not just okay; it’s something to be celebrated.

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