Editorial Submissions

Got thoughts about Sourcing? New tools, tips or tactics that you want to share? We want to hear from you! Before we collaborate, please review the guidelines below. They exist to help us work together to create relevant and impactful articles for the global sourcing community.
Pitch first. We tend to get a lot of “personal stories” about SourceCon and how great it is. This community is so unique with a ton of talented sourcing professionals that are always willing to share knowledge and help others. While the stories are appreciated, we'd like to have content that helps those in the community become better sourcers. Focus on “meat”! Content that explains how to better source tends to be well received by our community since they yield more actionable takeaways.
So, before you write a full article, please submit a pitch that summarizes the topic and the angle. It will likely save time and effort, and it also enables room for feedback to ensure that the end article turns out great.
Be thought provoking. Our readers value articles that offer something impactful to their work. The world of sourcing is always evolving and oftentimes there's a new tool, resource or way to impact the top of the funnel and our day to day work. So whether you're writing an article about a recent development impacting sourcing (we especially love such articles), or about a new trend/tool, or you're offering advice, it's vital to convey information and insights that are fresh and that readers haven't seen regurgitated countless times elsewhere.
Make an impact. The sourcing community enjoys a good hack or two. If it's a tangible sourcing strategy to help them work smarter vs harder, it's usually well received. Our sourcing toolkit should always be evolving and there's always a new way to add a hack in the sourcing process.
Do not pitch anything promotional. We don't do paid links or publish content marketing. Sorry not sorry.
Show examples. Nothing makes a story come to life like real-life examples. For instance, if you are writing about a trend, please provide specific examples of that trend.
Keep it specific and narrow. The best articles focus on one specific topic and go deep. For example, if your topic is “How to use ChatGPT for writing outreach” you'd focus on that and do a full exploration with “how to” examples.
Deploy data. Really great articles are often infused with data. Readers may appreciate facts, figures, and stats (backed up with links to sources and research that should generally be no older than two years).
Use examples. Nothing makes a story come to life like real-life examples. For instance, if you are writing about a trend/tool, please provide specific examples of that trend/tool. Feel free to add images or supporting visuals to your examples. Most of our articles at their core are about finding people on the internet. When giving examples, please be sure not to share any individual's personal data for privacy reasons.
Keep it original. All work must be original. We do not re-publish content. However, you are free to re-publish your SourceCon.com article on your or your company's website, but not elsewhere.
Don't focus on length. Whether it takes you 500 words to write your article or 1,500 words, the length of your piece is less important than how readers feel reading it. Does it provide takeaways for the reader? Did they learn something new after reading it?
Due dates. In most cases, due dates are ASAP, especially if it's a news story. Most importantly, please specify when you'd be able to deliver a draft of the article. And if a story is late, please provide updates in a timely manner.
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