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Jun 13, 2017
This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.


1. You hack the Eventbrite site for the local soccer league and cross reference it with your child’s elementary school roster (downloaded from the school’s FTP site) to decide who to invite to your kid’s birthday party.

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2. After a bad experience with the Plumber, you immediately went online and found all of their contact information, their social media profiles, and other online aliases to potentially use for revenge.

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3. You have a detailed intake meeting with your family for every big vacation.

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4. When you visit a Chinese buffet you order (wonton “egg drop”|spicy).


5. You use a CRM for generating gift greetings during every December holiday.


6. You use Data Miner to scrape and Wordle to analyze the tweets of prospective dates.

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7. When you’re buying a car, you ping Dean Da Costa and ask him if has a Chrome extension to manage the process.

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8. You conducted a reverse image search on your upcoming Tinder meetup.

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9. You Xray Amazon for everything!


10. While scouting potential wedding planners, you run a boolean string, set up 20 pre-screen interviews, arrange a face to face meeting with the top 10 finalists, and a second round of interviews for the top 3, all while politely sending a rejection email to all planners sourced.

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11. You cringe while watching other non-sourcers use search engines.

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12. You have difficulty explaining your job to your friends and family. They just think you’re creepy, or in HR.

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13. All your non-recruiting and sourcing friends constantly tease you about which flavor bouillon search you’re running this week.

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14. You inadvertently refer to your friends as candidates.

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15. Outside of your work friends, you are the only one you know actively using LinkedIn.

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This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.
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