2 More Startups Targeting Passive Candidates

Jul 22, 2014

crowdworksSpeaking of pipelines, passives, and prospects: there’s more where that came from.

Two new recruiting technology companies are launching with passive candidates in mind.

The Crowd Works is out of London. It says it has “been working for almost two years to develop an algorithm that applies big data and predictive analytics to match recruiters with relevant, qualified candidates.”

Recruiters log in with LinkedIn and install a widget in their browser. They invite their contacts to join a network, and then upload a job description. Then, Crowd Works shows who in the network matches the job. From there, recruiters can contact people or make notes for future contacts. The first three hires and 100 searches are free.

The other company is, and it’s more in the genre of some of those other CRM-style companies. Seed can build career sites, landing pages, and help you run campaigns — the kind of stuff you’d do if you’re selling a product, but of course in this case the product is a job.

The founder/CEO tells me the company is trying to treat candidates like customers. Passive candidates, for example, will be able to ask questions of recruiters, rather than just be the recipient of blog posts or newsletters.

Founded in London, Seed is doing an invite-only beta right now. It has eight employees in the UK and California, with more to come.