3 Components to Successful Global Sourcing Teams by @FaraRives

Apr 1, 2015

Keeping consistency throughout global sourcing teams can be challenging due to regional differences in regulations, internet accessibility, cultural formalities, and many other sourcing nuances.

By focusing on these three key elements, your ability to not only find the most qualified candidates but also measure the success of sourcing strategies will enable your company to make data driven sourcing decisions that affect the bottom line.


Ensuring that your sourcing teams are all trained to the same level allows for each sourcer to be held accountable to use the tools and strategies that are required for the job. Training is a key component that is not just a onetime effort. Whether you are going to create your own sourcing training program or use companies like SocialTalent or AIRS, it’s important that the training is consistent across regions. Also, ensure your sourcing teams are staying active in sourcing events and conferences globally such as SourceCon in North America, #Tru and SOSU in Asia and Europe. Some companies may not be able to afford expensive training or attend conferences, so you can also make use of webinars and live discussions that are consistently promoted across the web. The world of sourcing moves so quickly, it’s important to stay on top of trends so you can stay ahead of your competition.


Providing the global sourcing team with a platform they can utilize to follow workflows, maintain business rules, and input sourcing activity is key. A global platform will enable the sourcing team to enter and track their efforts, while promoting cross regional collaboration and communication. CRM platforms like Avature, Smashfly, Findly, Jobvite and many others will enable this activity. In addition to this, using a market analytics tool can help to standardize how information and sourcing strategies are created and delivered. There are only a few that are global so you’ll need to ensure the tools you use are available in your markets. Wanted Analytics and Talent Neuron are great options for global reach.


With consistent training programs and a common technology platform in place, the ability to track and measure success in a consistent manner will enable you to make better hiring decisions across the globe. Holding teams accountable to the same formality of metrics and performance is key to achieving a successful and motivated team.

What else would you add to this list?

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