4 Tools to Outsource Your Calendar for Better Candidate Engagement

May 20, 2014

The back-and-forth conversations that take place while scheduling candidates for phone interviews can be a huge waste of time. It seems like if you send three optional meeting times to a candidate, by the time they respond, they want the time slot that is no longer available. Outsourcing your calendar allows you to avoid this hassle and schedule meetings in a much simpler way. Amybeth Quinn covered this in a post in 2011, but several of the tools she shared are no longer working.

Below are three current tools recruiters and sourcers should test.

  • ScheduleOnce provides users with a personalized landing page allowing which displays all available times. People who visit the landing page are able to select a convenient time to meet. This is good for 1 to 1 meetings.
  • TimeToMeet allows all meeting attendees to “paint their available times” then selects a mutually beneficial time for all parties. This solution works great when scheduling group meetings.
  • is a new tool that allows users to send a list of available meeting times within an email (instead of sending a landing page).
  • Timebird scans everyone’s calendar and picks the best time.

Have you outsourced your calendar? What tool do you use?

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