4 Recruiting Technology Startups to Watch

Jun 27, 2014

Last Saturday night I went to a “Vegan Meetup” at a Los Angeles tavern. (I was accompanying the vegan, not one myself.) Why not take a few minutes off from hearing about, say, recruiting technology startups?

I told the first person I met what I did for a living. She said to me, “my friend is starting a recruiting technology company in Brazil.”

You can run, but not hide.

Just a sampling of the many new companies working to get your business, or someone’s investments:

EmployToy. In beta, it’s looking for recruiters/companies to try out its services matching pre-screened candidates with their job openings.

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 4.27.26 PM

Delivir says it is “designed for the 90 percent of us who prefer a visual user experience.” You can see on Delivir’s website that it’ll show job seekers the skills, such as financial analysis, they’ll need for a given job.


Job Market Maker tells me it “focuses not on resumes, but instead on actual skills/licenses/certifications/requirements that are needed to fill an actual real-time job opening.” Candidates answer questions about their skills; employers enter in the database their jobs, listed with skills. A percentage match score is given, and Job Market Maker helps match the candidate with the classes they need in order to get a given job. The founder has a computer science degree from Alexandria University in Egypt and an MBA from Duke. It’s also working with a Duke statistics professor who helped develop part of EBay’s back-end algorithm. Fifteen people are working on the startup, which is based in Charleston, South Carolina, privately owned, and funded by the management team. Its Alpha customers (in manufacturing, recruiting, and trucking) are providing feedback while Job Market Maker fine-tunes things.

job market maker

Hakka, in beta, is a community of software engineers. Companies also have pages like this, where open jobs are listed.

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 4.40.25 PM