A Few New Startups for Job Seekers and Recruiters

Nov 5, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 9.31.16 AMLet’s pause for a minute from the analyzing of the election in the U.S. to take a look at — what else? — more recruiting startups.

Read on:

  • Switch, in beta and free, has launched on the Apple app store, and recently raised money. Job candidates express interest in a job without identifying themselves. Employers do the same; if both are interested, the two parties can connect and go further (we’re having flashbacks to our middle school Valentine’s dances). Switch is working with Dropbox, Wikipedia, and other customers, mainly fast-growing tech and media companies. Switch has five full-timer employees and a few part-timers and interns.
  • Workshape says it is “very close to launch.” It’ll be matching startups with tech employees based on the work people want to do, not on attributes like “hard-working” and “strong communication skills.”
  • 250K Salary says it has only been accepting 11 percent of the “community of high performers” who are interested. It’s focusing on jobs in tech, and, yes, our mothers would wash our mouths out if we read the company’s home page aloud.
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