A Memo to Recruiters and Sourcers: Don’t Want To Be Replaced By A Robot? Stop Recruiting Like One

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Jun 30, 2016
This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.

Like you I have seen the many articles the past months with stats that say X% of the workforce is one day going to be replaced by a robot. Some of this has leaked into the Recruiter and HR space too. “This tool” or this “HR tech software” is going to replace most departments.

Doomsday is around the corner “they” all say.

I have the perfect anecdote to being replaced by a robot…

STOP recruiting like one.

Stop sending out 100’s of messages, Spam, knowing that even with a pathetic reply rate you are going to get a few candidates.

START sending targeted, informed messages that show you have done a little research on the candidate.

Stop treating candidates like you have an endless supply of them, that they are a means to an end.

START creating long-term, meaningful relationships with them.

Stop being one of the many, many nameless recruiters targeting a candidate, industry or location.

START creating a brand for yourself so when a potential candidate researches you they will want to email, call you back.

And the big one… START attending events and meet, shake hands and *gasp* talk with people.

A few specific items to consider that I briefly covered in my SourceCon webinar this month, “Sourcing Technical Candidates When You’re Not in Silicon Valley:”

  • If you are recruiting in a niche that has low unemployment add your name, email and title to your job descriptions… be accessible.
  • Find user groups, associations and professional groups in your niche and volunteer to speak on career, networking and job search topics… be a resource.
  • In your email about the “Hot Job” you are recruiting for and why they are the “Rock Star” you have been looking for include an industry article or blog post they have an interest in… provide information.

Oh… and don’t use “Hot Job” nor “Rock Star” in your email. You’re a professional, act like one.

You want to have higher reply rate to your email, more calls returned and ultimately hire more people, right?

STOP acting like a robot and START acting like a human.

One more action item… check out my SourceCon presentation in Anaheim this fall, “A Blueprint to Build and Maintain a Successful Recruiter Brand.” I’ll walk you through how I created and have grown one of the most recognized recruiter brands in the industry.

This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.
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