A Mid-Week Roundup of News for Sourcers and Recruiters

Jan 14, 2015
This article is part of a series called News & Trends.

We’re almost two weeks into 2015. In case you’ve been too busy to check your RSS feed, here are a few updates from around the web that we think recruiters and sourcers should be aware of.

  • Earlier today, the Archively team told us it has a new Chrome extension. If you haven’t used Archively, it’s a tool for organizing research about people. The new Chrome extension will allow you to save information you find about people without interrupting your workflow.
  • HiringSolved, known primarily as an aggregator for people information, has released a new tool it’s calling Search Explorer. It allows recruiters to enter a keyword to search for related ideas to help them build better search queries.
  • Mozilla and Yahoo formed a new partnership which has caused Google’s search market share to decline for the first time since 2009.
  • LinkedIn has started imposing a “commercial use limit on searches.” With this new policy, LinkedIn is setting a limit on how many searches can be conducted during each month. Users are informed that they are nearing the limit once they only have 30 percent remaining. This is annoying for recruiters and sourcers, but imagine being an unemployed LinkedIn user without enough cash to upgrade. Read another perspective on this issue here. Here’s a great refresher on how to search LinkedIn from Google so you can avoid the search limitations.
  • Do you often find yourself with dozens of Chrome tabs open by the end of the day? Read this post from LifeHacker to learn about Chrome Tab Search.
  • We don’t know StephenK, but thought this was an interesting “collection of the best tools to find a new job.” In this post, there are a few sites we hadn’t heard of.
  • Over on there’ve been a ton of startups profiled that are going into the employee referral area. One you may not yet know we’ve come across recently is SpringRole (makes us hungry just thinking about it). How it works is explained here, but in a nutshell it finds referrals for you.
  • India is a hot area for recruiting technology startups and SpringRole is active there, and another site you may not of is starting there: MapRecruit. It’s kinda hard to tell what’s happening when you look at its website, but anyhow, it’s a mobile-friendly screening tool, using (pardon the cliché) “big data” to learn about people’s skills as well as IVR (pardon the acronym) to further winnow down the candidate list.
This article is part of a series called News & Trends.