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Oct 17, 2016
This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.

Post SourceCon, the wonderful world of tools continue to be released, refreshed and revitalized. One, in particular, is Hound. Hound is a great tool and Chrome Extension by the people at Jobjet. It allows you to find emails, phone numbers and social data on candidates while in numerous sites to include LinkedIn. It also allows you to save profiles and download them as a CSV. It will even find information on people not connected to you. In addition, Hound is the extension for the Jobjet ATS. More on that later.

Here is how it works, first, go onto LinkedIn and find a profile. Next to their name you will see the Hound logo like below:


When you click on the Hound button you get the image below


 As you can see you get his name, titles, phone, and email if available, a summary, breakdown of skills and more. If you scroll down you get their complete background. You can then save the profile to the hound app where you can later download it to a CSV. Now mind you the extension is free, and you get social information. To get additional contact information or to use the ATS that will cost you, and can be as low as $99 a month, depending on how much you need.

The ATS is actually a fairly robust ATS that includes; resume parsing, SMS/email integration and tracking, advanced analytics, API integration, Search, and more. They are based out of California and were just at the last SourceCon 2016. The help desk is quick and responsive, overall a really good set of tools. The extension being the major thing to me.


This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.