A Really Cool Company is Seeking a Tech Director

Mar 12, 2014

Do people leave jobs at ERE Media? Rarely, but yes. We did have one leave, and are looking to fill the job.

We’re not paying a commission to a recruiter reading this post, but are offering a good job if you know of anyone.

This job’s a Technical Director. The person can work from home. Things aren’t boring around here — we have a bit of a startup mentality and change a lot, and like to add new things. We’re a small business so we all tend to do a lot of pitching in.

Re: the company … Yes, I talk to some of you at midnight and then am up at 5:30 for an overseas call; but, at the same time, there’s always the possibility I could be writing this right now while on a treadmill and no one would barely notice.

So we’re pretty flexible.

We have a comprehensive benefits package.

We’re OK with people who either do not currently have a job, or who are so-called “active candidates.”

Anyhow, on to the job itself: it’s part technical support, and part web development.

The employee would administer and engineer back-end systems to support and run a variety of websites (, and others, like the awards site and the sourcing qa site, and more).

They’d ensure all systems have adequate backup and security measures and provide for 24/7 uptime; work with CEO and others in selecting new technologies to grow and improve the business; support legacy technology systems and work with others to transition to newer systems as required; budget and plan for technology spending as well as (possible) growth of technology department; understand what makes a modern website successful at a high level — including issues like user experience, performance, design, SEO, etc.

They’d also do some cool work developing new features, new websites, redesigning, and more. Ideally they’d have experience with Amazon Web Services; Linux server administration skills; Nginx, Apache, and similar tools; PHP; WordPress; HTML, CSS, JS; and maybe Python and Django.

A good candidate would want to innovate, try new things, like a challenge — not just improve on the old.

I get it — one human hasn’t necessarily done everything listed above. They’ll be much stronger and much more interested in one area than another.

You can send people to this listing.

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