A Sneak Peek at the SourceCon Fall General Sessions With @MarkNexus @StacyZapar and @BryanChaney

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Sep 3, 2014
This article is part of a series called ERE Media Conferences.

SourceCon Fall in Denver is just around the corner. We’ve created an agenda packed with information relevant to sourcing and recruiting professionals working in any environment. Each day of the conference, we will have 2 presentations that take place in the general session room before we separate into the 3 tracks (Sourcing Labs, Fundamentals, Leadership).

Below is a short summary of the presentations that will take place in the general session room. Below is a short description of each of the general session presentations and a short video so you can hear about the topics directly from the presenters.

Jeremy Roberts (me)  – The State of Sourcing in 2014

I will discuss the state of the sourcing industry in 2014 using information gathered from a survey conducted by ERE Media and SourceCon. He will present current trends, organizational structures, salary ranges, and thoughts about what we can do as professionals to continue to impact the talent acquisition ecosystem.

Stacy Zapar – The Definition of a “Sourced Candidate” Has Evolved – Can You Deliver?

The world of sourcing is changing – and it’s critical that you stand out above the noise and spam. It used to be about FINDING that needle in the haystack and tracking down purple squirrels. The game has changed. The future of sourcing is ENGAGEMENT; and the only way to ensure you have a piece in the game is to know how to get candidates to RESPOND. Not only will Stacy Zapar share her practical and proven methods to secure engagement, but you will leave with 10 key tips to ensure you stay ahead of the sourcing game in this rapidly changing space.

Mark Tortorici – How to Win as a Modern Day Sourcer

Whether you are a recruiter who sources 10% of the time, or a sourcer who sources 80% of the time, ask yourself this question: How are you going to be effective today and tomorrow? The distinction between roles is diminishing. A modern-day sourcer must have a puzzle-game mindset for search, a passion for computer science, and the sales / engagement skills of a recruiter.

In this session, we’ll discuss what a modern-day sourcer is and what makes up their DNA by demonstrating the passive sourcing process, candidate messaging techniques, and technical know-how necessary to succeed.

Return to your desk with:

  • A new set of ideas for candidate pipelining
  • Real-world passive search techniques
  • Increased technical understanding
  • New approaches for candidate engagement.

Bryan Chaney – Increased ROI Through Targeted Conversational Boolean Data

To get results, sourcers must go beyond cliched qualification terms to identify candidates based on things like personality and values. However, what does this really look like? In partnership with IBM’s Watson division, Bryan Chaney experimented with translating social and sourced data into semantic search. This isn’t ‘Big Data’, but targeted conversational Boolean data – a scientifically proven way to source and engage targeted pools of talent. Bryan will demonstrate how you can implement this technique into your own sourcing strategy.

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This article is part of a series called ERE Media Conferences.
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