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Dec 21, 2016
This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.

The competition for retrieving contact information from candidates on LinkedIn just increased. Sourcers can now add RocketReach to their fastly growing toolbox of sites that find contact information. The RocketReach Companion allows sourcers and recruiters to look up email on popular social networks with one simple click. It’s that simple to use. Just push the button when on a profile and watch the magic a happen.


This extension will not only bring back email addresses, but it will also find other job titles, social sites, URLs and much more. You can build and create lists in RocketReach and download the file to a CSV for uploading into you ATS or CRM. The information included in the downloaded list includes their name, emails, titles, and employer. The primary information you need to source a candidate efficiently.

What can potentially be most beneficial is the information outside of the email address that it provides. If it doesn’t generate an email address, you can easily find the naming convention for that company and predict their email that way. You can have multiple lists one for every search you do, every job or whatever you’re sourcing.

Once in a list, you can still move the profiles between lists, or remove them at any time. You can even delete whole lists. RocketReach also can automatically sync with Salesforce. You have the option to get them one at a time or all at once. It will even tell you the most recent profiles you have viewed. In addition to all that, it has a search capability where you can search by name and find people. It also has its search capability on its website with almost nine million individuals, and not all are on LinkedIn. You can search on skill, title, name, location and much more.

There is a free version of this product (creating an account is required) as well as several paid versions for enterprise users. They even have an API which you can use to connect to your ATS or CRM for automatic uploading, or with Google Sheets to do even more. Their customer support is excellent at supporting both free and paid users.

As with a lot of tools in this category, they plan on expanding what they do to other social sites such as Facebook, Github, Twitter, Stackoverflow and more, as well as other integrations than just Salesforce. RocketReach is simple, easy and quickly improving its features.


This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.