Another SourceCon Recap – The Conference You DON’T Want To Miss!

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Apr 5, 2017
This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.

Pinch me, is this a dream or reality? Spring SourceCon 2017 was mind-blowing. Each day that I learned, I thought to myself that it couldn’t get any better than this. Then, came the second day, wow! Let me start by telling you that before you even read this, just go ahead and pause to book your registration for the Fall Conference. You do not want to miss it. It’s going to be amazing to be able to celebrate the ten year anniversary of SourceCon.

Ok for those of you that did not take heed pause and register, let’s read on so that you can understand why you don’t want to miss out.

The SourceCon Conference is a place where you will meet no strangers. Like minds from all facets of the talent acquisition industry come together to share and will help you with sourcing challenges. Do not worry if you are attending alone. Once you arrive, you will be pleasantly greeted by the Welcome Wagon team.

The Welcome Wagon team will help you throughout the entire conference. No question is too big or too small. As stated by Shannon Pritchett, Editor of SourceCon, “These are some of the most talented professionals in the industry giving back to the community while they attend the conference so don’t be afraid to approach them.” It was an honor to be part of the team.

Tangie Pettis and Amybeth Quinn at the Welcome Wagon Desk

Next, you will walk to a registration table to get checked in. There you will also be greeted with warmth and smiles. You will get your key essentials for the conference: how to download the event app, session locations, name badge/lanyard, and your SourceCon t-shirt. Who doesn’t love a free t-shirt?

And then, the conference begins! You will have a variety of sessions to choose from based on your sourcing skill level. There will also be keynote speakers throughout each day. Be prepared to take a lot of notes, snap a ton of pictures, and tweet till you can’t tweet anymore.

Now, let’s move on to the evening time. Yes, there is sourcing at night time. A conference after my own heart! This fantastic event is called the Hackathon. All interested conference attendees come together to enter a sourcing competition. This is so much fun because even if you are not participating, you can come to learn. I walked away with a few new tricks to add to my sourcing bag, and that is thanks to Stacy Zapor and Sarah Goldberg.

And did I mention that you just might bump into a few superstars of some of the best sourcing tools and games out there? I’m telling you it’s like a night out at the Emmy’s for sourcing. Just much more casual. I had the pleasure of meeting Jan Tegze, creator of sourcing games. He was sitting at my table, oh my goodness! And then there is more; I met Shane McCusker, the creator of the Facebook sourcing tool. Huge thanks go to him for his help at the Hackathon as well. And of course, I can’t l miss the opportunity to mention Ninh Tran, the Co-Founder of Hiretual. It was great to meet these amazing people in person. Each one so approachable, kind, and willing to help with anything.

There are so many other details to share with you. However, there must have still some elements of surprise left. So, I guess you will have to experience the rest when you come to Austin this Fall.

Hope to see you there!


This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.
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