Apply with Snapchat – Macca’s “Snaplication” Strategy Will Leave Every Other Fast Food …

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Apr 7, 2017

McDonald’s in Australia, known as Macca’s, is utilizing Snapchat to recruit new applicants in Australia.

According to the AdNews in Australia, the fast-food behemoth has launched a Snapchat filter, which shows the user in a McDonald’s uniform and enables them to apply for a job by sending a 10-second Snap to the chain.

Once submitted, ‘Snaplicants’ will have the opportunity to enter the interview process. Along with the filter, the digital campaign includes a series of video Snap advertisements that promote career opportunities with McDonald’s.

The trend to implement Snapchat in employer branding has had some critics. I have repeatedly stated at conferences, through tweets, LinkedIn status updates, meetups, and my Snaps, that we will see a massive uptake in businesses using Snap for recruitment.

The daily usage is insane (161 million daily active users or DAUs!) How can you argue with their numbers? Snapchat’s biggest user base is in North America, with 69 million DAUs in the continent at the end of the fourth quarter. In Europe (excl Russia and Turkey) it had 53 million DAUs.

I’m surprised that the US market didn’t have any flirtation with Snap as a recruitment tool, especially for Grads.

I presented at the #AtcEvents #SST17 conference and spoke about of the ways this could be done. While I had heard some murmurs about this through the talent acquisition and employer branding circles I travel, I woke this morning to hear that Macca’s, the largest employer of youth in Australia has today launched a Snap recruitment filter to showcase their talent.

Below is a quick screenshot of some of the videos that have been received by Macca’s.

I’m giddy. I’m excited. I’ve sent a couple of videos through to them already and am trying to chat with the PR people behind the scenes.

This is a Snap I sent them which I don’t think they will publish:

Part of me pauses when I view this new method of candidate engagement. I can’t help but think of the reasons why people haven’t experimented with Snap, and unfortunately, I think the primary reason is due to the additional legwork required to keep track of the people who send through Snaps.

I sent through my Snap to Macca’s. It was screenshot by someone in the team. I’m assuming if I were a suitable candidate, they would engage in a chat, and seek to have a conversation with the candidate. I wonder whether Macca’s would still ask for a CV if they have received a video, had a typed conversation and a verbal conversation with a candidate.

Where are they documenting this information? Are they (I would hope so!)?

How are they farming candidates to the correct locations?

Most importantly, what happens if your store manager/franchisee is awful and scares the candidates off?

These questions shouldn’t scare you, it’s an excellent challenge, and the great thing for Macca’s is that the Macca’s Australia COO and Chief Digital Officer seem to be pushing this both internally and externally. Still no word on if the recruitment team has had any say in this at all.

I can’t wait to hear how this will fit into the rest of their recruitment systems and strategy. However, it is a huge step forward for Snap as a recruitment tool.

Hat tip Macca’s for being so forward thinking. I’ll celebrate with an Oreo McFlurry! The only other thing I can say is; Macca’s Snaplications – “I’m Loving It!”

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