Artificial Intelligence vs. Human Cognition – A Synopsis

Mar 1, 2010

Are you attending or thinking about attending SourceCon 2010? Glen Cathey is going to be the keynote speaker for the event, and he will be presenting on Artificial Intelligence vs. Human Cognition when it comes to sourcing and matching. Even our regular contributors are eager to hear what Glen has to share. Here’s what our own Marvin Smith had to say:

“A person that I want to meet is Glen Cathey. I read his blog and know him from the point of view as an author, but want to learn more about his story in recruiting and sourcing. Glen is the type of writer that shares the secrets of our craft, yet is a man of mystery with respect to himself.

“As an alumnus of the previous two SourceCons, I have found that the venue and the agenda foster conversations and sharing. It provides opportunities to make new friends with thought leaders like Glen.”

We asked Glen to give us a teaser of what he’ll be presenting…

If you’re curious to know what kinds of things I’ll be addressing during the session, here is a sneak peek:

  1. The intrinsic and often overlooked challenges associated with sourcing resumes
  2. What artificially intelligent semantic search and match applications claim to do and how they actually work
  3. The limits of artificial intelligence
  4. What people can do that semantic search applications cannot
  5. The 5 levels of semantic search
  6. The 4 levels of secondary/e-sourcing
  7. What I think is the ideal candidate sourcing solution

If you’ve ever wondered about the fantastic claims that some of the semantic search application vendors on the market make as to how their solution can mimic a senior recruiter when finding candidates, then you will be very interested in hearing what I have to say about the reality of what they can do.

If you’re a sourcer and you’re concerned that your role/position might eventually be replaced by sourcing software, you will be encouraged by my analysis and supporting arguments that explain why the abilities of creative and investigative sourcers will always be in demand – tomorrow and 50 years from now.

I hope you will be able to attend SourceCon 2010 – I know I’m looking forward to it!

About our guest author:

Glen Cathey started out as a technical recruiter in January 1997 and has accumulated 13 years of experience in the recruiting and staffing industry. He currently serves as the Vice President of Recruiting for a billion dollar staffing firm. His experience spans full life cycle recruiting “at the desk” to hiring, training, and managing large recruiting and delivery teams, as well as training hundreds of Technology, Defense, Finance and Accounting, and Healthcare recruiters who are responsible for nearly 10,000 hires nationally on an annual basis.

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