Battle of the Technology – DeepSense vs CrystalKnows

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Jul 27, 2018

In the world of recruiting, the ability to gain insight into a candidate to personalize your email has become enormous. It can be the difference between a 20% reply rate and a 90% reply rate when contacting candidates. In recent years, tools have started to focus on that specific problem. I am going to focus on two of them that seem to be making some noise. DeepSense by Frrole and CrystalKnows.

DeepSense is a candidate predictive analysis AI that helps you to learn the best way to engage the candidate. The AI can use email, a LinkedIn profile, a Twitter handle, and many other data points, to help find information that can help you engage them.

CrystalKnows helps you to understand the ins and outs of anyone. Much like DeepSense, the idea is to give you insight to better create targeted emails.

Now let’s compare the two. Both provide you with a Chrome extension allowing easy use while on different sites. CrystalKnows has been around longer and has a more significant market share at this point. Both allow you a free account for a time to try the tools. Both also have a desktop way of compiling lists of people you have checked out.

CrystalKnows tells you about the person personality things like; how assertive they are, creative thinking, networking, loyalty and more. CrystalKnows will even make email recommendation in Gmail for you. It works on multiple sites to include Linkedin, Gmail, etc. They show a nice graph of the personality traits for each person, and even have the ability for you or others to take a personality test on the website. CrystalKnows can work with many ATs and CRMs to include Salesforce. Company accounts are available that allow you to see each other assessments. In the picture below you can see some of what CrystalKnows shows you on their desktop.

Below is some of what they show in Gmail.

DeepSense rates the person on a 1-10 scale in specific areas such as; attitude and outlook need for autonomy, teamwork skills, general behavior, action orientation, stability, and learning aptitude. Of course, they give a full explanation of each. DeepSense can also tell you if they are a fit for a position you are looking for via the desktop. You can save people into folders in DeepSense allowing you to create lists. DeepSense works on multiple sites to include Linkedin, Gmail, GitHub and more. Below is an example of some of what you see form DeepSense in the desktop.

Below is some of what they show in Gmail.

One way in which you can use both these tools that I have not heard a lot talked about is in, helping to determine the “soft” skills that all hiring managers are searching. You know the hiring manager that wants a go-getter, confident, enthusiastic, etc. These tools can help tell you who meets those “soft” skills, as well as help you craft interviewing questions to shed further light on these skills.

The main differences between CrystalKnows and DeepSenselies in the way they do what they do and show what they show. Both use the DISC behavioral assessment, but Dee Sense also uses Ocean, which is also known as the “Big Five” personality traits. Another difference is that DeepSense uses a combination of written and graphics to show its results while CrystalKnows only uses written. In addition, DeepSense will provide a listing of social sites where the person is active. CrystalKnows does not. Both have an extension and both have a limited free component.

So which one should you pick? That is a good question as they both do similar things. Each has a big advantage; CrystalKnows has been around longer and integrates with some ATS and CRM. DeepSense is newer and as such has some interesting algorithms, it uses for its data and provides social aggregation. In the end, you should try them both and pick the one that works best for you. One might be better in the industry or sector you source for.

Either way, one thing is for sure you will get a leg up on your candidate engagement and after the finding of the candidate the engagement is the most import thing, and as we all know the better the outreach, the better the email, the more personalized the email the higher the response rate.